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'Uninhabitable Hell' for Millions: UN Report Sounds Alarm on Humanity's Continued Destruction of Planet Earth

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/13/uninhabitable-hell-millions-un-report-sounds-alarm-humanitys-continued-destruction


It’s just a matter of time:



Articles about land should come with a map!!! Look at the map of Bangladesh. Many large rivers coming down from Asian highlands into the low, flat land of Bangladesh. Plus, in the Indian subcontinent, generally there is heavy rain all day every day during the monsoon season. Bangladesh should never have been heavily populated, should have remained farming due to yearly flooding when the snows from upstream melt or the monsoon comes. The flooding may be worse now, but it is NOT new.

Similar to the area of New Orleans, a sea level city on a hurricane ridden coast taking heavy loads of water from the mouth of the Mississippi into the rising waters of the Gulf, the only reasonable thing to do is to plan mass permanent evacuations.

Climate action will not prevent disasters in these areas.


The core ethical failure that enables anthropogenic mass extinction is seen in the UN report: they only care about destruction of the biosphere because it will make life bad for humans.
They don’t care that for hundreds of billions of native plants, trees and animals, life already is hell, because of humans.
At least 57 BILLION animals are tormented and slaughtered in the USA each year to feed non-vegans. That’s pretty hellish.
Only when the massacre of native species and the biosphere affects humans do humans get alarmed.


Over population is supported by the global emergency food relief industry that profits from feeding unsustainable populations living in areas that cannot support human infestation. Mother nature is designed to handle over population by way of attrition which strink the over infestation to more sustainable levels. The pollution from transporting food by ships, planes and trucks is a major factor in global warming. Let attrition reduce populations to more sustainable levels and save the animals from the over populated humans now ruining the planet.


If your educated in life ,you would never entertain killing anything and eating animals would be impossible .


Killing carrots and killing pigs are both killing. We can’t live without killing something. I despise the wanton killing of plants or animals.

Eating meat is not, in itself, wrong. The only wrong is in eating so much of something that the system is thrown off balance.


Here’s one of your “methane” burps:


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So many weasel words in this article. Humans are the most destructive species ever in evolutionary history. Yes, we have big brains, but they’re attached to two others-one the reptilian brain and the other the mammalian brain. Yeah, we think we know so much, but actually we know squat. We’re sociopaths with legs, caring only about ourselves and how natural events will affect US. No one talks about the quintillion other species, from soil microbes which are basic to life to large apex predators, all poisoned now from mankind’s forever chemicals(remember that advert from the 1950’s-better living through chemistry?).
I wouldn’t care if humans became extinct. But I do care about all the other species. Gaia will survive. She will evolve new beings. But she is SO done with the big-brained but otherwise clueless ones.
No where in this article does anyone mention the role of religion in overpopulation and how humans treat not only each other but other species. The Pope just loves all them babies, while other religions require women to have as many children as possible in order to have sons.
As for "leaders’…they are only leaders because we allow them to have power over us. If we weren’t such sheep, they would have been tossed onto an ice flow centuries ago.
All beings required energy to live, and the green beings feed on sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, while the red beings feed on the green beings and on each other. They exhale carbon dioxide while their waste provides nitrogen and microbes to feed the soil. It’s a cycle of energy. Starhawk, in The Earth Path, has a lovely prose poem chapter describing this.
Homo sap is suffering a mass psychotic break as it gazes on its own death.


I think your judgement on the human diet is right on the mark. A balance of protein and other nutrients is practicable and healthy.
And only a portion of the human population has grocery store options.
But some have a choice only between sea food or seaweed or both.

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the Republican position on climate collapse means the world will die in a few short decades
the Democratic position on climate collapse means the world will die in a few short decades

we cannot address a catastrophic problem with incremental solutions (like the pathetic proposals of the current Democratic candidate which is 20 years to slow and Trillions of dollars to short in addressing the crisis–another type of -I would submit-- climate denial in pursuit of money) and expect a better outcome than doing nothing–this is magical thinking at it’s worst


At the present rate of world pollution & overpopulation, animal & plant life will terminate within 200 years.