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Union Cuts Budget in Preparation for Trump's "Extremist-Run Government"


Union Cuts Budget in Preparation for Trump's "Extremist-Run Government"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The nation's second largest union is preparing for attacks on working people and organized labor under President-elect Donald Trump and his anti-worker administration, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.


This article is confusing - they would only be cutting their budget if they are already facing a reduced number of dues-paying members. The Trump Administration is a horrific threat, but that would not be the cause of the cuts.

I am coming to the depressing conclusion that we are on our way back to the late 19th century and that the AFL-CIO is increasingly irrelevant. When workers finally rise up again they will understand that organizing is to be about the eventual takeover of the wealth generating machinery by the workers for the workers. The days of organized labor kissing the fucking capitalist bosses asses will be over. I don't expect to be alive to see this.


It is clear and by their own declarations, they are there to dismantle the government, except of course the police and military. Other wise they would like to see it all gone.
Of course that doesn't factor in the fact there will be millions of people fighting it every inch of the way. They act like they're just going to breeze in and dump it all. I don't think it will be like they think it will be.


Trump is about pure manipulation of people...either just because he can while he strokes his "ego", or because he can orchatrate financial kickbacks from the backs of working people to fill his pockets in his agenda to control the world.
How can we allow him to do such dispecable things to people who don't understand "what the hell is going on"... in so many nuanced realities that will affect their lives and the wellbeing of our shared planet.
"Let's not be deceived by evil intentions"!


I hope for lots and lots of strikes