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Union Denounces 'Chilling' Assault on Nurse Defending Her Patient from Police


Union Denounces 'Chilling' Assault on Nurse Defending Her Patient from Police

Julia Conley, staff writer

The nation's largest nurses union is among those condemning the Salt Lake City police department after a video released Friday showed an officer physically assaulting and then arresting a nurse who refused to take a blood sample from an unconscious patient.


“Payne has been suspended from the department’s operations involving blood draws, but is still on active duty.” Oh, boo-hoo…just how may PD “operations involve blood draws.” Yet another case of police brutality sanctioned by the PD department thus making DJT, the master misogynist and demented dimwit in chief, HUGELY proud.

Watched the video and the officer literally went off when his “authority” was questioned by OMG a woman that elevated his testosterone into the atmosphere and the rest is NAUSEATING…UGH! She was in fear for her life and limb.


Another example of how Nazi s are taking over law enforcement.

This cannot be allowed to continue.


It is happening here. I am very fearful about what it is gonna take to stop this slide into Fascism/police state.
I remain believing that a non-violent revolution is possible, but at this late date, unlikely.





The police officer put this nurse’s patients at risk when he handcuffed her and took her out to his car. The RN had no chance to “hand off” her patients to the nurses who would be taking over their care.

The “hand off,” which is a brief, focused report on each patient to the nurse who is taking over the patient’s care, is essential in preventing errors in the patient’s care.

Also put at risk were the patients of the nurse/nurses who had to take over the care of Ms. Wubbel’s patients, since each nurse was now spread even more thinly.


Hopefully several lawsuits are in the making. More crucial, is removing this pig from his job.


It seems fairly simple. Another psycho cop goes nuts, assaults a civilian who refused to break the law and was doing her job. The other people standing around should have restrained the cop, put him in his own handcuffs and then pressed charges against him. And oh yeah, maybe kicked him in the nuts to get his attention.

We have a right to protect ourselves against criminal attack by the cops even if it means killing the bastards.


“This cannot be allowed to continue.”
How do you stop it short of removing the President and all those who support his policies. And if it becomes impossible to remove him…like now? What do you do when the people in power support this kind of behavior?


I’m sorry but you need to jail this stupid mother fucking tainted cop…in pick underwear.


Let’s see, what will be his story here? She fit the description? He thought she had a gun?
Ah, I know, he was in fear of his life…you know, who KNOWS what these “so called nurses” have in their pocket-ses! Thank goodness she wasn’t a Black or Brown nurse, or wearing a headscarf.


Dickhead Trump will see this “fake” news and praise the jerk detective. His redneck core supporters would of course also support this jerk detective. Did I say this detective was a jerk already?

Cluck him.


Sue that officer and the police department for all that can be obtained - this dude should be terminated post-haste


Just another example of the US Empire entering its death throes. When cops move on to assaulting nurses doing their jobs while following the law the end is getting closer and closer. Things in the US are really going to get ugly over the next few months and years the way things are now unfolding.


It is clear, that much of this behavior is encouraged from the top down. That makes it imperative to clean out the “top” in 2018 and rid the nation of Trump in 2020, if he lasts that long, if not, then Pence.
This courageous woman must get state/federal recognition for outstanding bravery, for the stand she took, but she will not get under this administration.
And I hope, that she and her hospital sues the pseudo macho pants of that jerk as well as the police department, which condoned his acts by not suspending him immediately.


Until we all protest and not just BLM this isn’t going to stop.


What do you think, have the cops been emboldened since Ferguson, the Presidential campaign, and the election of Trump?


The bad news is, that it will continue! At least until January 2019. In the meantime we must not rest. Talk to your family, friends and neighbors. Make sure all understand what is at stake, and ascertain that they are registered to vote and then actually DO that.


too many cops seem to have anger management issues. they get so angry it clouds their reasoning and leads to unacceptable behavior. in this instance, i think her colleagues should/could have done more to restrain this man when he became unhinged. they could have formed a protective ring around her like muskox protecting their calves… then again, he may have pulled his weapon and started shooting. to serve and protect, huh?


Look at that cop…SOB LOOKS like a neanderthal, “Herr Trumph!!” supporter. Un-f*&^$ing believable!!! In a hospital, a cop waltzes in and practically body slams a nurse??? These Gestapo tactics are just overrunning this country, becoming the norm. They should arrest his sorry ass