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Union Faces Armed Guards Upon Uncovering Verizon's 'Massive' Offshoring Operation





Communications, hi tech gadgets, mining, petroleum and agribusiness. If they don't impoverish in the production line its probably because they've engaged in genocide prior to production in obtaining what is otherwise 'unobtanium'. We're looking at inverted totalitarianism as socialized fetish to keep the addictions mainlining. The sociopathological economic model is fast exhausting its fetishes for the centuries old chain gang, silencing, denial of information and murder options.

People are now listening across the old divides and realizing how familiar the enslavement narrative actually is.


First they have the police escort scabs across the picket lines, now SWAT teams? Welcome to the United Corporate States of America. Ugh.


Verizon is the definition of corrupt and arrogant corporate manipulations and abuses.

They are charged with data overages to artificially inflate usage and billing - I have had this experience and I watch my usage, but like many others have seen usage mysteriously rise while my use and time remains constant! Verizon is scum......


Thank god I do not have Verizon as a carrier. If I did, I would drop them instantly! Disgusting and vile company!!


Neoliberalism/ austerity, vote Hillary for more of the same.


"Can you fear me now?"


I quit using them years ago. I bought a new flip phone which was $70 (back in the day) and the ringer would just go off on its own. The only way you could silence it was to pull the battery out. (You can imagine the problems with that!) I took the phone back to the Verizon store and they wouldn't refund my money or exchange it since they couldn't find the problem. Huh? I dumped 'em and never went back. That's not the same reason as to what you're alluding to here, but it was about attitude & doing the right thing. As it was, I'd have dumped 'em anyway after news surfaced they had thrown us under the bus by turning over customers data to the Feds. While my issue with the phone wasn't that big a deal, this kind of thing is. But, it stems from the holier than thou monopoly attitude all of 'em have.


Verizon is a criminal organization. Every month my bill had over charges. I finally got sick of dealing with it and cancelled my service. They charged me illegally for minutes I did not use, and I proved it. They still refused to adjust the charges after I spoke with 5 different supervisors. Finally I had to file a case with the CA PUC to get my money back.


Good alternative is Credo Mobile - they support progressive causes.


Agree about Credo Mobile. Have been with them since they were called Working Assets and only offered long distance. You vote on which progressive groups get their donation money each month. They piggy back off of the Sprint network, but are their own company with no relation to Sprint.


I have Verizon. I want to switch carriers due to the despicable way they are treating the American worker. I tried to search for a reputable company. I was having a hard time actually finding a better company. I am forced to use my personal phone in order to keep my job which is a whole other topic. I need to know which company I should use. The same way I shop Costco over other stores because they are decent to the workers.
Suggestions CD'ers?
Oh and, vote for Bernie Sanders.