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Union Representing Thousands of Federal Workers: 'We Have Not Heard From Single Member' Who Supports Trump Shutdown


Union Representing Thousands of Federal Workers: 'We Have Not Heard From Single Member' Who Supports Trump Shutdown

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Hitting back at President Donald Trump's evidence-free claim that "many" government employees are backing the ongoing government shutdown because they "want the wall," the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE)—a union that represents thousands of scientists, administrative workers, and others—declared in a statement on Wednesday that it has "not heard from a single member who supports the president's inaction."


Lest we forget that life is work in progress, the context of what is happening to the Euro and the European Union, is not a distantly separate set of circumstances. The ‘globalization’ schemes are shedding their glitter and glitz. Not unlike the sham ‘deal maker’ Trump, who over time reveals himself to be a ‘breaker’ to suck up broken pieces and sell them to the highest bidder, turns out the EU is a model not so very different. Of course, who pays for these shams? the question is, of course, redundant.
Quite timely is a talk by Yanis Varufakis at the Oxford Union a few days ago.


For those so inclined to learn more of Yanis Varoufakis’ brilliance, I encourage you to read And The Weak Suffer What They Must (2016). He got schooled in the school of hard knocks–and he learned well.


This ridiculous government shut down will only end with Trumps removal from office, one way or another. For trump this self created crisis is a simple continuation of his never ending game of three card Monty, played in order to delay the inevitable day of reckoning coming at the end of muellers investigation.
However, this shut down is the culmination of decades of planning by the conservative forces in the nation. The same forces that have been planning since the days of Ronny Ray Guns for the moment when they could make their fondest wishes come true. That is to say shutting down all federal services other than the Pentagon, and of course convincing the lions share of Americans that they will never miss those services.
Done and done.


At about min 48:00, he makes the point that DEFLATIONARY, not inflationary sticking points give rise to the ‘fascist’ anger of people pissed that they have been used. Varoufakis explains why he supports the ‘Green New Deal’ framework. He’s also very blunt about the necessity to respect and work across divisions that have been manipulated into place by the powers that be.


As all funding bills must originate in the house, there is no-way-in-Hell that he will get a bill like the last one from the next congress. Impeachment would take all of the rest of his term, consuming all of the time and precluding anything else of significance from being accomplished. I expect most folks in charge, of both parties, are looking for a more expedient way than impeachment to get rid of this turd-flower. Perhaps Mattis with enough help can implement the 25th amendment option in the next few days. Considering the legal ambiguity of indicting a sitting president, we should concentrate on preparing the long list of indictments, both federal and state, so that the minute that he leaves office, by whatever mechanism, he can be served and taken into custody.


In the meantime, while the American government is shutdown —

The Reality TV Celebrity in Chief flies all the way to Iraq for a 3 hour, wheels down to wheels up political photo op using troops as his props.



I been saying for a year and a half that he is demented, how much more proof s needed? Or is it marginall? Like believing in Santa, what a douche he is.


As long as it’s not his money he’s wasting, what does he care?


Look at the wall without rose colored glasses.

The alliance of Ds & Rs has engineered the united states to be among the top ten fastest population growth underdeveloped countries on Earth.

Capitalism requires rapid population growth.

As Nancy Pelosi says, “we are capitalist.”

Therefore we must have rapid population growth.


Yet the ICE “unions” support this shit – as do all police state state unions.“just doing their jobs.” See Nuremberg trials on that one.


HI Garrett: I just looked at the word “capitalist.” I never noticed this before , but ," alist," is in that word so if you break it up---- capitalist becomes- cap- it - alist ------that’s intriguing, hidden within capitalist is a group who cap it all as the “alist.” Sometimes words can be scary!


The fragmenting of the EU is collateral, world bank orchestration. Greece was financially hanged, the World Bank took everything but the stoplights implementing their austerity programs to ensure financial foundations. No budget for the filthy rich. Crumbs for the peasants. The new World Bank created after WW I to award war reparations was never used for its purpose and reengineered itself as a self regulating world bank free of all national obligations and created a federal reserve system, every one of which pays an annual percentage of its profits to the World Bank not only ensuring its existence but it wealth and power to retain world monetary control against all threats. There are two, the one at the top is the World Bank of International Adjustments. And here we are. As you said the glitter is being removed and behind all our nations and flags we find the demons, the ringmasters and they are evil and they are the moneychangers, the wealthiest families on our planet. The World Bank very arguably should have stopped the Great Depression and Black Friday but it was its first coup, all blamed on the banking industry it created. The World Bank and the CIA work together. They murder children for cash, buy our elections like we pick fruit and we still seek their empathy or occasional sympathies from these golden parasites, a symbolic pat on our heads because it is our nature to find good in all men. Good is never forthcoming. These humans are poisoned and they poison what they touch.
We are winning. It may be seem baby steps in a blizzard but we are marching toward the light and not only is it our only choice, it is our path, our guiding light. I think it is not only our responsibility to work for good but our duty. We can’t capitulate. We can’t surrender. I say fight.


At any level, I think that Yanis is simply effing brilliant, There are so many others in their camp on our continent (I believe that he often works from Austin [lucky bastard ;)].) In my humble opinion, we should all seek and follow their measured advice…


Donnie is a Republican. They would all be okay if every federal employee not currently getting a paycheck just quit, the country be damned. Captain Combover actually believes that fake unemployment number issued by the Department of Labor and thinks they could all get a job in the private sector.

Anyone wondering about the connection between the steel tariffs slapped on other countries and Donnie’s sudden turn to talk about “American made steel slats” for his fwall (fence-wall)?


i am still trying to figure out how we are going to build a wall through the desert. wouldn’t we first have to build roads that the trucks can get to the border to unload their loads and then a crane to take the slabs off the truck, plus water stops in case the trucks overheat. this whole scenario is looney. we would be better off building infrastructure.


HI and thank you, theoldgoat : ) I am still not very good at economics and theories, but this was wonderful. I learned a lot and have become a Yanis fan. : )


Well, well, the trump thing in the White House has finally imploded. This is proof beyond doubt that the creature is utterly insane and needs to be removed pdq. I have seen children of five with more nous than this loony. What makes this even more of a loony world is that the maybot in Downing Street couldn’t wait to go brown nosing this idiot.


The only good thing that could from Trump shutting down the government, is that Congress learns that no one person must ever have the power to do so again. Ever.

And create and pass legislation to cement that limitation to presidential power.


Right. When there is an impasse, last years budget should kick in automatically, preventing any shenanigans.