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Unions Aren’t a Thing of the Past. Unions Are Our Future.


Unions Aren’t a Thing of the Past. Unions Are Our Future.

Monika Roberts
I have an embarrassing confession to make: I underestimated how much anti-worker extremist groups really hate organizations that empower working people. After all, I have a good union job. Plus, my employer respects and supports collective bargaining

Five U.S. Supreme Court justices reminded the country on June 27 that groups like the Freedom Foundation not only detest labor unions; they want them to be a thing of the past.




Disorganized workers are the corporation’s best friend. Disorganized workers, even when they are the largest part of a company workforce, being led and controlled by the few in management, will never be able to improve their quality of employment or job security without the clout of informed workers working as a group to bargain for improving their working conditions. Wage slaves need figure out how to organize and take control of the company through union activities if they are to ever improve their working lives and provide security in health and retirement. Individuals can only beg for improvements to their working conditions. An organized workforce can demand improvements. The options for a disorganized worker unhappy with pay or benefits is to come to work and suffer with what is offered, or quit. The options for represented workers is to be able to bargain collectively for fair job conditions and security for all employees. Large corporations like Wal-Mart could afford to be more generous to it’s employees, but they will never give up one penny because their workforce has no clout being disorganized.


I have never underestimated how much they hate organized labor. They have done everything they could to make union an evil 4 letter word. And the american people have gone along with it. Just like liberal, socialism etc are considered evil by americans.
They need to destroy every union in order to accomplish the goal of taking us back to the days when there were no unions. Back to the age of the Robber Barons.
It took decades for workers to stand together after decades of abuse. It took toil and sweat, blood and death to get the rights to organize.
All that has been thrown away in a few decades where it is now everyone for themselves. Where it is stand alone, organizing is socialism, communism.
It will take toil and sweat, blood and death to gain back what americans were so willing to give up. And there is no real movement to even start us back down that long road to getting the right to stand together is ours again.
Where are the people who will lead such a movement? Where are the people willing to stand up and protest? You don’t have a chance until the people stand up and say we are not going to take it anymore. And they are not willing to do that.
Back in the day when the 1st protests were made, they were weak because they were exclusive. White men wouldn’t march with blacks or communists. It wasn’t until they were willing to accept that it was only by standing together and accepting others into the ranks that the labor movement finally made headway.
The white men today are not going to march with liberals, blacks, and hispanics to organize for workers. Hell they blame the liberals, blacks, and hispanics for what has happened to them. The divide and conquer worked well with them. As long as that divide stands, you will not have any success at organizing resistance.
And that could take 20, 30, or more years for them to die out because they have not changed in decades while listening to the dog whistles the right has used to divide us. They are not going to listen to reason. They don’t even consider that their economic condition is what it is because of politics of blaming others for what has happened. They will continue to blame while fighting against the other to make sure no one wins.
That is our current state of affairs. The rich have won by dividing us so much that there isn’t much of a chance for a comeback for unions.
Someday there will be a revolution against them, chances are we won’t have a country then. It might be the end of democracy for us. Slowly we are strangling ourselves, slowly our democracy is dying. And few are fighting for it.
We have compared ourselves to camelot, but we really are Rome. Rome died because of greed as the rich took all the wealth of the empire. When the ‘barbarians’ came to the gates, none would fight for Rome and the rich would not part with their money. So Rome fell from within. How long will we keep fighting for the rich and their empire? How long before the ‘barbarians’ come and the rich refuse to pay and the poor refuse to fight? How long before we collapse from within?
Doom and gloom, as a historian I see the decay as too strong for us to overcome. The greed and the me only destroys, not build. 2 or 3 decades before we fall apart. If the young are going to save us, they better hurry. Time is running out. Climate change will affect the world and cause far more problems than any of our world wars together. That greed and selfishness are only going to get stronger, less chance to work together. What happens when half the world needs to find a new home? No army will be able to stop them w/o tremendous amounts of death, no country will remain intact if they don’t kill everyone else. It will be war on the grandest scale.
Oh humans will survive, we are quite adaptable. But what will that world look like when most of our tech is taken away? Want to know what the irony is? The poorest people will be the ones most likely to survive. The ones who farm with ox and plows, who have no electricity, who are used to almost starvation rations. The rich will have to eat their money.


What ever happened to EFCA? The Employee Free Choice Act, also known as “card check” would have let employees simply fill out a card (voting) whether they wanted a union or not. This would have been free of employer interference. I am 71 now and retired with a modest pension when I was FIFTY-FOUR, yeah that’s right 54 yrs old.



All the anti-worker RTW legislation being passed in Republican controlled States appears to be one reason for card check difficulties. Until we can get rid of majority representation by corporate friendly lawmakers, I doubt the American workforce has a chance to get back to equal and fair treatment in the workplace.


You write the truth of it.


When you say “… get rid of majority representation by corporate friendly lawmakers”, I hope you are including a MAJORITY of Dem state & federal reps & senators. “Democrats” like Joe Manchin & Claire Mccaskill among probably 25 other Democratic Senators won’t help the cause either. I know it’s ALL the Republicans that want to end ALL labor protections, but don’t forget about the so called “liberal Democrats” that are so inclined too.


I wasn’t singling out only Repubs, though they certainly have caused lots of grief for union members in States like Wisconsin and Michigan in recent years. Much of this rubber stamp legislation comes from ALEC, and obviously Democrat Repub wannabes who have no interest in common sense support for the labor movement, just going along accepting corporate money to vote against us.

About 25 years ago, Michigan had a Republican congressman from the UP. He was supported by the union building trades since he was better than what was available in the Democrat party for a long time, until he retired.


If it wasn’t for UNIONS, the bottom 90% would have lost 30% of their income over the last 40 years… Go figure, we had a gain of 2.4% in income over that period, but that neglects to take Payroll tax increases, other tax increases, and removing pensions from 40% of the workforce and cutting vacations and sick time…

Reading about Dickens and the Workhouse where they removed children from their mothers and sent them to ‘baby farms’… How far WE AINT COME…