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Unions in the Trump Era


Unions in the Trump Era

Jonathan Rosenblum

Beginning in 1979 in Seattle, WA, Jim Levitt expertly fabricated custom aircraft parts and tools, helping make the Boeing Company one of the most successful businesses in the world. But in 2013, corporate executives issued a threat: They demanded that Levitt and his fellow machinists surrender their pensions, and that Washington State political leaders hand over a record $8.7 billion in tax benefits. In exchange the company promised to keep production jobs in-state. The Democratic governor of Washington, along with virtually the entire political establishment, caved in to the blackmail.


I really appreciate articles like this that help explain how things got to where they are now and what needs to happen to make positive change. We cannot lose sight that Unions are a part of broader social change and not just about getting this and that for these specific workers in that specific work site. We cannot lose sight of the forest for the trees.


I appreciate this also, and come from a union family. Down South they believe unions are evil and go against religion. Then let's strengthen uniions in the rest of the country, and if union leaders are too absorbed in themselves, it's time to VOTE THEM OUT!


There's been a decades long war against unions in this country. The unions have almost been eliminated and it will get really ugly with anti-union Trump and his anti-union administration. Meanwhile, in Scandinavia, there is no war on unions. The unionization rate ranges from 51% to above 70%. Unthinkable in this anti-union country. The USA and slave labor, perfect together.


Hit the nail on the head Joe. Now the Republicans will have the Court to help them too.

Only quibble I have with the article is it blames Democrats for the demise of unions when nearly all right to work laws in the modern era were passed by Republicans. Right to work is all about destroying union power. And the real bankruptcy "reform" bill that damaged middle class folks was passed under Republican rule, signed by Bush in 2005. I get Thomas Frank's ahistorical reading of history has become popular with progressives, but it's still ahistorical.


Stubbornly tethered to a political Duopoly says it all. Don't succumb to that same mistake my fellow Americans. Support a political party that puts People, Planet, and Peace Over Profit. Now is the time. Divest from the Duopoly.


And just hand the right more power! Yay!


"Said the Joker to the Thief".


KC, don't fool yourself. On November 8th, 120 million people did exactly what you just said. Don't be a puppet for the elites all of your life.


I won't Mr. Koch.