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Unions Representing Hundreds of Thousands of Workers Prepare for General Strike If Trump Subverts Election Results

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/30/unions-representing-hundreds-thousands-workers-prepare-general-strike-if-trump


Not to nitpick, but the headline asserts that hundreds of thousands of workers are represented by these unions; in the article a labor union leader asserts that tens of millions of workers are represented by these unions. 🤷


I expect that the Supreme Court with its newest member, Illegitimate Justice Barrett, will use this as an excuse to permanently outlaw those pesky unions that are interfering with their God, Corporate Profits.


Excellent and solidarity!

Every worker needs a union and the General Strike will most likely be joined by many other groups. When Labor gets involved and leads we can stop the machine.


I certainly hope it’s the second number, TB. Also, this would be a good time for someone/group to organize a boycott of all the Earth-harming and GREED-ORIENTED corporations. Hell, we don’t have any money to buy anything anyway!


I’m sure you’ll be there with them Giovanna. You’re right. It’s the best way to stop the machine. I hope the unions have funds to compensate the workers.


As i read it, it’s one union representing 100,000. Another union represents the millions you mention. Either way let them all down tools if dump causes problems.


There is a radical Workers Center in Burlington, VT and I am going to find out what they are planning.



Go and stir them up Giovanna. Good for you.


I hate to pour water on this potential “protest”, but where have these supposedly strong unions been for the last four years? Trump and the Republican party’s dismantling of the welfare and administrative state has been goin on since January of 2017. But now, now things are finally bad enough for you guys to take a stand?
And on another sad anecdote, most of the union workers here in southwestern PA have been racist, flag waving, republican voters since I was child in the 1970’s. And they are trumps most fervent supporters now.
Unions only represent about 7% of US none government workers. Their power in most states has all but been eliminated. At this point in US history the labor wars of the late 19th and early 20th centuries are going to need refought against this eras robber barons. Does modern union labor have the stomach for it? Does anyone?
It seems our choices are pretty clear, no matter who wins Tuesday. It’s either Revolution against, or capitulation too, fascism.


Yes, a majority of union members in my purple rural county in a blue state are concentrated in gubmit jobs, utilities and other essential services and tend to lean rightward and unlikely to vote in favor of striking. The only saving grace may be that elk season opens next week and a strike may be a convenient way for them to extend the hunt.


The idea is correct, but the proposed implementation is too narrow.

Only general strikes and mass protest will obtain for The People healthcare, a massive govt jobs program, major cuts to the “Defense” budget, and other socialist necessities.

And so such strikes must be planned and executed whether the austerity warmongers of the RNC or the DNC prevail in Election Theater 2020.


Yep, not really my experience either. Only ProPublica & the geriatric commie site WSWS have BOTHERED covering big unions, feeding all too vulnerable members to the plague, and their loved ones, co-workers, physicians… just as they’d blathered away at DNC’s “debates” about how much us deplorables all just LOVED our “employer supplied” ACA insurance that’s now fed them to FIRE & PhARMA Sectors?

Rank & file walk-out & sick-out strikes like all other effective action against ALL de-facto “essential worker” sacrificial exposure: it went ignored by media & blog-aggregators in the NYC area, where both 1099 & W4 deaths were mostly un-reported, until Cuomo snuck indemnifying language into the budget (ALEC cut&pasted it, nationally) state, local government followed Trump in covering up the horrendous numbers of deaths among medical, transit, teacher, service, first responder, warehouse, delivery, slaughterhouse… all workers, forced to work infected (plenty of replacements!)

~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/10/30/lead-o30.html (they’d done a tremendous job of coverage)

~https://taibbi.substack.com/p/with-the-hunter-biden-expose-suppression-13 (since the MEDIA was BUSY)

~https://mobile.twitter.com/kthalps/status/1322014104102572033 (distracted as it were?)




BigB: That also applies to many people I know. They are rabid Trump supporters who will go ballistic ( because they will believe the election was rigged if Trump loses ) if it is close.


Oh absolutely. If we learn anything from the last four years let it be that over a third of US are unapologetic racist assholes.
I think we always knew it.


I think it is important to recognize that this is not so much an “election” as it is an “attempted coup” by the Republican Party. They have clearly been building various fallback positions even if the voting public soundly rejects them at the polls.

The GOP will, of course, try to channel their coup into the right-wing hacks in the Supreme Court who will be willing participants in rejecting the voices of the American people. If that fails, expect Republican governors to simply reject the voters’ will in their respective states and appoint all GOP electors for the Electoral College.

Like their criminal presidential candidate, these Republicans are “all in” to bring to the surface what they have been building for decades. And that is an authoritarian dictatorship with them in control of everything. We should expect the worse from them next week–and even that will not sufficiently anticipate their nefarious designs to destroy constitutional democracy.

We need to be ready for anything, and a general strike is a good start.




Agree, and said it before. There should be a national union one can join if none are available to you, along with the ACA insurance coverage.


With all actions we should remember trump can use these things to call for marshal law to be instituted. He still has a couple of months to tear down the rest of the country.


No doubt about it in my mind that Trump will use martial law if he has no other choice.