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‘United Against The Black Snake’: Water Protectors Respond To Army Corps’ Eviction Notice


‘United Against The Black Snake’: Water Protectors Respond To Army Corps’ Eviction Notice

Kevin Gosztola

A coalition of grassroots groups at the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock indicated it would reject an Army Corps of Engineers eviction notice, “stand united in defiance of the black snake,” and continue to protect water in their ongoing struggle against the Dakota Access pipeline.


I am hoping those two thousand vets show up on time.

Right now I have been reading John Cremony's classic and seminal "Life Among the Apaches", Chapter eight actually, where he describes the 'irredeemable nature' of the American 'savage'.

Interesting - since seven years in the mountains transformed me into just such an 'irredeemable savage', if I may be permitted a little poetic licence.

Herman Melville in "Moby Dick" spoke of this:

"Long exile from civilization and Christendom restores a man to that state in which nature placed him - that of the savage..." ( or words to that effect).

I think civilization and specialization have proven to be a mixed blessing.

Perhaps instead of adopting the worst attributes of either civilization or savagery, we could adopt the best, if you will ?

Decent, green jobs for everyone who wants them, and a much needed 'emergency ecological education' ( Wendell Berry) for everyone - period.

I don't expect, or want, human nature to change.

But what is human nature ?

We are all going to find out in the years ahead, aren't we ?


How will Standing Rock go down in history?
Here are a few possibilities:
Custer's Next Stand
Obama's Last Stand
Trump's First Stand

History is written by the victors, so let us hope it will be remembered as
Water Protectors Victory over the Oil Barons

It is ironic that it is the Army who are leading the charge against the Native Americans one more time
(and of course are doing so at the request of the moneyed class).


The granting of easements on private property is only supposed to happenst when those easements provide for the public good. This pipeline has nothing to do with the public good - only private profit. This is and has been happening all over the country, over strenuous objections from landowners. It is time for a class-action law-suit again the Army of Engineers for taking these unconstitutional actions.

We are very fortunate to have the Protesters standing up for all of us. Their courage and commitment bring global awareness to this atrocity - despite the concerted efforts of government, police and MSM to keep the matter out of the public eye.

I would imagine that this 'eviction' notice will intensify the commitment of Protesters and Veterans alike. If the militarized police start hosing down Vets, there will be huge blow-back.


Whats it going to take? water is life
this is tragic bullying pitting a system incapable of acknowledging its fatal flaws against elemental, direct experience, prophetic narrative. It doesn't come any clearer than this.
Water is Life - and this is 2012


While on the one hand , outrage being raised should the Authorities act in a heavy handed manner towards those veterans that are to arrive would be welcome , it remains a shame that so many do not feel that outrage when the same tactics used against the First Nations peoples. ( I am not talking of you or any that post here. It a comment on the society at large)

In the video linked to yesterday a Young lady was asked to express her thoughts on all the support given her people from whites and groups the world over.

She thanked them and welcomed their support but her remarks also suggested that the First Nations peoples and their plight should have been acknowledged a long time ago.

I, like her , hope this awakening is a permanent thing and not just "the cause of the day".


From richest to poorest , from black to white, our bodies are all around 72 percent water. The water in the CEO of the company building this pipeline is no different than the water in the peoples protesting it.

To deny water and in particular clean water to another is to deny life to another. " property rights" should never take precedence over life itself.


Just had to post this, from Neil Young et al, in "The Guardian":


It looks like we will need some Genetic Engineering to transform our bodies into 72% oil.
That will help when we are all Round Up Ready.


Check out X-Files when the oil starts pouring from their eyes and/or their eyes turn all black from the oil. Very creepy.


"protect the general public from the violent confrontations between protestors and law enforcement officials that have occurred in this area and to prevent, death, illness, or serious injury"
* The only "violent confrontations" have been the ruthless, weaponized attacks on groups of Water Protectors peacefully praying and dancing.
* The only deaths or serious injuries have been to the non-violent Water Protectors who have been maced, pepper sprayed, shot with "rubber" bullets at point blank range, aimed to maim, concussion grenades, batons, sound cannon, attack dogs, water cannons in twenty degree weather causing hypothermia and cardiac problems, not to mention such things as pneumonia and other respiratory problems.
* To protect the general public, and the peaceful, non-violent, Water Protectors, the SA and Stormtroopers of the DAPL and the militarized thugs that call themselves policemen should be removed from the scene. Once that is done, there will be no violence because the source of the violence will be gone.
* If that happens, at lease some of our prayers will have been answered.


Yes, and they act like they only have good intentions- what a surprise.