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United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America Becomes First National Industrial Union to Endorse Green New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/30/united-electrical-radio-and-machine-workers-america-becomes-first-national


Absolutely. We need massive new investment in all the wonderful things unions desire, standing for that is how the GND gets unions to sign on. Only nobody believes there’s any money for it, because there isn’t any money for it, because USAmerica is broke, because we have to spend all our money lobbing bombs all over the place.

The GND, as it stands, will reasonably be viewed as pie-in-the-sky word candy which will never be financed – unless and until it takes on the war machine. It’s incredible to pretend we’ve got all this money to spend if we can’t also say: No more money for the goddam war machine. (My bone to pick with Bernie too, btw.)

Besides, emissions from warfare are off the freaking charts, worse than anything. You can’t sincerely be green without being antiwar. Any GND which is agnostic about war and peace is a piece of shit.


Bravo! We need all people organizations to support radical climate change action, strict carbon reductions, and shutting-down the fossil-fuel industry destruction - need action ten, twenty, thirty years ago.
but politicians didn’t listen or care!

Increasing ocean temps are increasing hurricane forces exponentially, along with ocean acidity, leading to mass extinctions in a very few years. Deniers are criminally responsible for not acting, and insane!.
Hurricane Dorian spared Puerto Rico after trump lashed-out at those victims of Maria, in his typical hate-filled despicable manner, and now after veering away from PR it appears likely Dorian might hit trumps Mar-a-Lago dead-on, even being on the highest side of the projected 10-15 foot storm surge - a kind of poetic justice and message to a creature that encourages, enlarges, and supports numerous acts and policies that increase carbon and global heating!

I invite trump to visit Mar-a-Lago and ride-out Dorian there!

I am sorry for all the innocents that will be affected by Dorian, but you must act and be part of the solution to MM Global Heating, not just “ride it out”! If not, you are not “innocent” ALL must take action now!

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Out at ASIF, I’m hearing nothing but kvetching about how none of the forecasting models agree about anything anymore. I thought it was a special problem with the Arctic, where the weather really is quite exceptional. But now I’m hearing Sam Champion complaining about the models’ uncertainty regarding where Dorian will strike. This is a very serious consequence of climate destabilization: forecasting tools become more and more useless. In the context of hurricanes, this will cost lives.

Some forecasts see Dorian crossing Florida and the Gulf, then making landfall again in Texas.

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Exactly so Aleph! The European “spaghetti” model track was, and usually is, the most accurate and did have a more southerly track, very close to what is now forecast. I also thought there was a possibility/likelihood that Dorian would track straight across Fla, rather than turn hard north and enter the Gulf to regain strength and hit somewhere - a second landfall, but I haven’t heard that in the MSM or other sources.

My faves: Masters & Henson out at Weather Underground Category 6.

Meanwhile the GND will reduce federal government expenditures by slashing military spending ($1.2 trillion) and reducing government energy costs, among other benefits.

Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal is a Game-Changer for Food & Farming

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The passage you quote is classic what-is-it: slashing military spending 1.2 trillion? Like, what percent, or over what period of time? Why even bother to write that sentence if you can’t be bothered to put the number thrown out there in context?

Military spending, development, exercises, activity – 100% of it is the most inexcusable waste of carbon imaginable, and meanwhile Warren has a plan to make bombers more green. That is, there’s a lot of bullshit out there. Be nice to have journalists help me cut my way through it, rather than exacerbating the confusion with incomprehensible numbers.

Meanwhile the GND will reduce federal government expenditures by slashing military spending ($1.2 trillion) and reducing government energy costs, among other benefits.

Nobody really knows that. It may be the case in the long run or it may not, depending on politics, what actually passes, and implementation. Here’s just a small example of decisions at play that will be present across the country if/when GND ever gets close to passage:

Just because you offer people jobs, or promise to keep them employed, doesn’t mean they’ll want what you are offering (Medicaid expansion). Loss aversion is real.

When a few more unions sign on trump will be referring to them as socialistic scum, or something like that.