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United Kingdom—Brexit or No Brexit—Our Donald Trumps Your Boris

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/31/united-kingdom-brexit-or-no-brexit-our-donald-trumps-your-boris

because the opposition is disorganized and the Labour Party so enfeebled by Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of leadership and unwillingness to step aside (despite several qualified candidates who ably could replace him).

Well you’ve nailed your colors to the mast with this disgusting shot at Corbyn on the day he launched Labour’s campaign. Did all your remainer friends promise to vote for the Lib Dems, who wish to disregard the votes of millions of people who voted for Brexit, including many in Labour constituencies? Do you know that Labour has come out for a confirmatory vote? Are they going to be thrilled when the opportunistic wretched Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson again takes her small coterie of opportunists into a coalition government with Johnson to push through radical austerity policies like last time? Let’s get some balanced coverage in CD of this most critical political battle between a progressive, humane party and a party of scoundrels that wants to privatize the NHS and gut social services.

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maybe you should have also talked to pro-Brexit people, woe of whom feel betrayed by the EU by allowing a huge flow of cheap labor undermine wages and the social safety net. Indeed the Labor Party was split because of such concerns. And lets also remember the stalling of Brexit was intended to undermine democracy by trying to overturn what the people voted for.

Nice piece, EXCEPT - Michael Winship seems to have really ‘sucked up the koolaid’, as I believe you Yanks have it, in regard to Jeremy Corbyn. The US does seem to have at least a few bits of mainstream media willing to be minimally evenhanded; the mainstream media in the UK is ENTIRELY bought and paid for - and, regrettably, quite a lot of members of the public, including Winship’s friends, seem to buy into it uncritically. The Labour Party is NOT enfeebled and Corbyn shows no signs of ‘lack of leadership’ (although I would like to see him stand up boldly to the lies of the Israeli lobby and back the many Jewish Labour supporters vilified by the fifth columnist Jewish ‘Labour’ Movement and its right-wing allies).

I had my doubts when Corbyn was first elected to lead the Labour Party, but I’ve been favourably impressed since then. Jeremy Corbyn gives every indication of being a genuine decent bloke (and not unintelligent) - something you can’t say about that many politicians, it seems - especially (but, sadly, not exclusively) on the right. Perhaps I should clarify that: on the right of what USED to be the centre! The centre has moved so far to the right in recent years that today’s alleged ‘centre left’ is no such thing!

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