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United Nations Inaction and the Gaza Crisis: Ten Years ago and Today


United Nations Inaction and the Gaza Crisis: Ten Years ago and Today

Phyllis Bennis

According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza, during the week beginning December 27, 2018, a disabled Palestinian man was killed by Israeli snipers, and 25 other civilians were wounded, including five children, a journalist and two paramedics. Those 26 Palestinians are among the two million or so, 80 percent of them refugees, still living in the Gaza Strip under military occupation, with insufficient water, food, and medicine amidst destroyed homes and infrastructure.

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and people wonder why americans are hated by jihadists?

it’s time for america to stop letting israel run its foreign policy. time to take the wind out of extremist’s sails. time for america to stop supporting apartheid, and start supporting freedom, human rights, and international law.

as an american jew, i am appalled by both america and by israel.



I still think that the United Nations people should move to the Hague—because there, apparently, things were accomplished, at least for Israel. There is an actual history there which benefited Israel so , perhaps looking at what worked back then would help the Palestinians, because neither America nor the Israelis care about them at all.
I also like my previous idea of turning the UN building into a homeless shelter and stop pretending, America, that you care about having a functioning democratic republic.



How can Jews complain about antisemitism when they do what they do It is our duty to oppose.

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BDS like lives depend on it. Because they do.

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4 dead in I-S-I-S.
Who wants to be the last soldier to die for the Bush-Cheney wars?