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United States Doesn't Even Make Top 20 on Global Democracy Index


United States Doesn't Even Make Top 20 on Global Democracy Index

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new index released this week offers a sobering look at how democracy in faring is the United States.

According to the 2018 edition of The Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index, the U.S. doesn't even make the list of top 20—its demonstrably "flawed democracy" notching it the 25th spot.


But #1 on the Global Corporate/Militarized/Fascist Index


The name the STATUE OF LIBERTY is a farce, it’s name should be changed to what it really is: THE STATUE OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE. And the lady’s torch replaced with a bomb.


When it comes to democracy, education (outside advanced technical education), social justice, and health, the United States is not just the very worst among industrialized countries, it is one of the worst in the World. Which is why nobody should be surprised it has morphed into a smelly White Trash dictatorship.


Calling it the Statue of the Inbred Trumpian White Blue Collar Trash sounds more appropriate… Just kidding, France should remove the statue and mount it somewhere in a museum in France.


If by “flawed” they mean “iron-fisted plutocracy”, I guess I can roll with that.


That is right, he didn’t start it. And he didn’t just shine a light on its hideousness. He co-opted the white working trash, who are now happily digging their own graves. Like the Jews in WWII when they were lined up digging the pits where they would be gunned down, only more enthusiastically and a lot more cheerfully. This is Trump’s ultimate achievement.


Perhaps we should give it back. France seems to have much more intestinal fortitude for freedom than the US these days.


Not sure how the democracy index works, but, Canada is not a democracy.
Number six - they have got to be kidding. Is this an Onion release?


Most other first world nations have parliamentary systems that actually provide at least minimal checks and balances compared to the token checks and balances we have witnessed with the US winner-take-all-after- gaming-the-electoral-college system.

This explains at least in part how Canada scored as high as it did.


Hi Monckton/ They already have a statue of Liberty. It’s in one of the parks in Paris, I forget the name, but it has the little lake where people can sail the little toy boats, if that will help anyone to remember the name. It also has a statue of Guinevere, the Patron Saint of Paris. And the park was made around the palace of one of the Medici relatives, as she wanted a castle and grounds like her home.
But also, the Congress didn’t really want the statue. A lot of school kids raised the first money with pennies----so I guess as the statue was an immigrant, that apparently that Congress didn’t care much about immigrants either. : (


How bout that Nordic Model folk’s? Let’s push for FDR’s 2nd Bill of Rights!


35 Countries Where the U.S. Has Supported Fascists, Drug Lords and Terrorists Add in our history of genocide to American Indians and country founded on slavery.



Check out above link


Yes, the little one is on the Isle of the Swans lake by the river. There has been a love-hate (more hate than love, actually) relationship with the French ever since independence.


More so than we apparently.


Hi Monckton— oh yes, that’s another one on that island. The other one I saw, and just I had to go and look it up------ The Luxembourg Gardens, which had lots of statues. It was really an amazing place.
France has so many beautiful parks and lots of places to sit and enjoy them all. Plus they have beautiful cement benches and beautiful green metal chairs too, If they were in America they would have been sold on craigslist in a New York minute. Respect for Nature and parks and the ability to quickly organize and diss politicians are some of the wonderful things about France. : ).


Remember that these ratings are put together by the center-right to right, neoliberal, pro-capitalist Economist Magazine. They rate countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua - certainly flawed (in the case of Venezuela under Maduro, better described as “incompetent”) democracies - as “authoritarian” while Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador as “flawed Democracies” - even though there is no better example of an utterly rigged-election-dictatorship than Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras.

And they even all but praise the election of Bolsonario in Brazil.

So, that this magazine would rate the US so low is remarkable - or maybe not. Trump is a capitalist fuck all right - but he is not the “right kind” of capitalist fuck.

And also, what is this “Economist Intelligence Unit” doing stealing the colors of libertarian socialism?


The shining stars of democracy in The Americas are Uruguay, Costa Rica, Canada, and Chile. All of these surpass the United States in transparency, government honesty, education, safety and public health.
Uruguay in particular is an example of how a nation doesn’t have to be economically very wealthy for a just, educated and healthy society to exist. Some time ago, when looking for a place to relocate anticipating the eventual collapse of that silly farce Americans call “democracy”, I paid an exploratory visit to that small country. I was pleasantly surprised by what a small nation can offer when its population is free from American-style stupidity. I recommend it to those whose don’t fancy a life under the emerging tyranny and don’t want to make a considerable investment, as required by Canada, New Zealand or some European countries.


We should all leave!