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United States Doesn't Even Make Top 20 on Global Democracy Index


Yeah, how is it that the scientific brains can build rockets with computers that can steer them to far off distances at incredulous speeds and pinpoint accuracy after covering millions of miles, but they can’t build a voting machines that are hackproof, and accurate, and easy to use. How hard can that be? Something stinks.


Very astute observation! Thank you.


Look those countries (Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador) are way down the list of failed democracies or worse. When young children all around you are being grabbed by gangs to join, what would you do, if you have young children? Especially, if there is not enough police authority to help you. People came to America because of famine, disease, wars, religious and political persecution, besides wanting a better opportunity. Remember we are all immigrants (except for some Native Americans).


In 2017, I spent 3.5 months traveling all over Europe and in December, I spent two months in New Zealand and Australia. As I stayed in mainly hostels, I met people from all over the world, although most were from Europe. All those countries are capitalist-socialist, in which the average citizen is doing much better than those in America. They don’t have to worry about healthcare, going into huge debt to further their education, have much better public transportation, are generally more educated and knowledgeable about the world. It seems too many Americans are too self-centered to learn from the rest of the world where things are generally better for the middle class.


Huh? That’s news to the rest of the planet in addition to Canada’s position as the number five democracy it also enjoys being the fourth most free country on earth while the USA is tied at fifty first place with Croatia and Belize.


Well that settles it then doesn’t it? We are on some lists. lol
Please check out the real meaning of democracy. Compare that to actual governments’ history in Canada for decades. Explain then how that constitutes real democracy. Good luck with that.


It should be no surprise. Our nation, because of our 1787 Constitution, and the way that it’s been interpreted, is a disguised constitutional oligarchy dressed up to look like a constitutional democratic republic.

This fact was hidden from those who ratified the constitution in 1787-1788, when we became one people and a newly structured nation on June 21, 1788.

The intent was “…to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority“ by a design that blocks the popular will, to prevent the leveling of wealth and power by preserving the rich/poor gap on which liberty was based.

This fact is almost unknown by the American people who have developed a vast blind spot about the democratic side of our American Constitutional Tradition. It is almost unknown by the public as a legal tradition.

So most of us think that our American Constitutional Tradition has only one side, and that it is democratic, when, in fact, the prevailing constitutional design and the subservient, subordinate, subjugated mindset of We the People is decidedly oligarchic.

That can change, but it requires enough study to discover the democratic side of our American Constitutional Tradition.


On some lists? Whoa the periodic table is a list as well maybe you can spend some time proving that decades of science and investigation are all wrong because you say so. You sound like a Trump voter likely baffled by the fact that you can’t seem to fit 10 gallons of gas in a five gallon can.


Do your homework - the periodic table and accusations of Trumpism ? Both have nothing to do with democracy.
Apparently, neither do you.


Sorry my apologies I forgot that it is impossible for right wingers to recognize irony.