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United States Says ‘Yes’ to Nuclear Weapons Tests, ‘No’ to a Nuke Ban Treat


United States Says ‘Yes’ to Nuclear Weapons Tests, ‘No’ to a Nuke Ban Treat

John LaForge

Twice in seven days the United States shot nuclear-capable long-range missiles toward the Marshall Islands, but the same government refused in March to join negotiations for a new treaty banning nuclear weapons.


"the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today: my own government. …"
---Martin Luther King


The Business of the American Government is...supplying Endless War with the Tools of Its Trade.

The 'Enemies" to hate...

The Means with which to Mess with Them...

The Secrecy to Keep Us in the Dark...

The Tab to be paid for by US 99%.


Hey F**K Heads in Washington D.C. people, families, children, women, men, and the elderly live in the Marshall Islands! The Marshall Islands has been called the most contaminated place on earth; because of all of your F**kING exploding nuclear bombs, and exploding missiles in the Marshall Islands. Also, Washington D.C. your continued denial of the effects of heat trapping gases on the planet, and its resulting rising sea levels has the Marshall Islands resident's homes, and their island communities under water with nowhere to go. Hey a**holes in Washington D.C. you are drowning people!


People might want to read the attached link.
* This is some of the horror I've lived with since being at the Redwing Series in 1956.
* We have become Nazi Germany on steroids and if we continue to push the issue, I don't see how a nuclear war can be avoided.
* As the author pointed out, the military isn't concerned with MAD, or balance of power. They want a first strike ability that will destroy another nation's ability to respond. Apparently they almost have it perfected.
* If you were a target nation under these conditions, what would you do?
* These stupid, arrogant, bastards are continuing to push it. They've dreamed of a nuclear war with Russia ever since 1945, but cooler heads always prevailed. Twitler does not have a cool head. He thinks the idea of a nuclear war is exciting! Billions of human beings would rather have peace and a chance to live a normal life span!
* Time for a change, folks. Time for a change, and it will be up to the 99% to make it. The 1% is too busy estimating the short term profits on nuclear weapon building and sales.


"North Korean president Kim Jong-un could have said the same thing.... especially in view of US bombs and missiles currently falling on seven countries .... and engagement in massive war games off the Korean peninsula."

Sadly, LaForge is right. And so are others facing a nation that has used nuclear weapons before. Do the hawks think other nations would listen to such threats and say: "Gee, you would use, that means we won't?"

If so, the Neo-cons are excellent in make-belief and indulging in daydreams (or groupthink). More likely, as in the case of North Korea which is much poorer, the response would be, hey, our lives aren't that easy and an exchange, even an unequal one - more incinerated bodies among us than yours - might be worth it."

It's like what Conan Doyle said, I think, about the Spaniards resisting Napoleon's military probes - they were willing to die just to give any invader a slap on the face. Like what the Vietnamese did in their "American War."


You couldn't find clearer evidence than the phrase "a strong, credible nuclear deterrent as a key element of US national security" that the words' authors are insane.

The US is playing Russian Roulette with the existence of the human species. I don't know have expertise in other areas, but as a professional statistician, I know that if you play Russian Roulette long enough, you blow your brains out, with 100% probability.

The giant nuclear arsenals of the US and Russia do nothing for real security. It's totally the opposite. They ensure that we stand on the brink of total destruction, helplessly awaiting the day that the nuclear bullet enters the firing chamber.


I have occasionally seen the smoke trails from these tests. The are quite spectacular as viewed from more than 100 miles behind the launch point. Per looking at the globe, the trajectory to the Marshalls is noticebly different than to N Korea but that is not necessarily true for someone observing from a ship off California in international waters.

I would hope these tests are closely monitored by Russian and Chinese observers aft VAFB and satellites, with real time communications with N Korea. I strongly doubt this is the case.