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United We Stand, Albeit In Blackface


United We Stand, Albeit In Blackface

Hmm. The sorta weird but trying-to-be-good-guys response by an amateur German soccer team after two teammates, both Sudanese refugees, were attacked last week: Seeking to show solidarity in a culture that evidently views blackface in a benign way, they all painted their faces black. "Violence against refugees is pathetic,” reads a team Facebook post. “Emad and Amar, you are one of us.”


I'm sure that gets across to the two players assaulted as the warmth and support the rest of the team intends. Good for them. I'm sure it is also a finger in the eyes of those (and their ilk) who assaulted the two players. Clearly this team went out of its way to say "You are one of us" to their two teammates.

This is somewhat similar to friends and relatives shaving their heads in support of a cancer patient. At least that is the first thing I thought of. It looks strange to us because the blackface would be unacceptable here - though, in a case like this, who knows? On the other hand various words we use in a racial context often have a different meaning in other countries. The whole world is not the USA and the whole world's use of English is not dictated by the USA.


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"Hmm." indeed. There is this deep sense of mistrust and hostility in this article and some of the comments that really shows that Germans have not been welcomed back to "civilized" society yet, no matter what they do. Rather depressing really.


Clearly the intent is to show unanimity for the two teammates who had been attacked. The message was clear and potent to me. To adulterate an act of kindness with silly waffling over political correctness shows how frail and timid discourse has become in the U.S. There was no pernicious subtext to the German team's photograph. In this case the picture was worth many thousand of words. It was an act of kindness and caring. Insinuations to the contrary by questioning motivation and lobbing huge dollops of politically correct dogma into a torturous analysis is unworthy of CD. By the way, where is Chris Hedges? I have not read anything by him in CD for some time. Is he too radical or not pc enough?