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Universal Healthcare Advocates Renew Push Toward Medicare-For-All


Universal Healthcare Advocates Renew Push Toward Medicare-For-All

Single-payer advocates are celebrating the reintroduction of the so-called 'Medicare-for-All' bill that would replace the nation's byzantine healthcare system, dominated by private health insurance companies, with a single, streamlined public agency that would pay all medical claims for the entire population, much like Medicare does for seniors today.


The ACA's "modest benefits"? It seems to me it has produced enormous benefits for Big Insur. and Big Phrma, but the description of modest benefits for the rest? Dubious - more folks having health "insurance" doesn't necessarily translate into more getting health care ...

The ACA, IMO, was pushed to forestall the growing support for SP - as the dysfunctional ACA continues to reveal its deficiencies (putting it mildly) hopefully the push for SP will get back on track ....


With the Republicans in control, this bill will get nowhere.


does this include the AMA


Single Payer could be fully funded with NO NEW TAXES by simply combining existing funding with closing two loopholes: the $118,500 (2015) cap on taxable Social Security income and the 100% exemption on all "unearned income" (income from profits, rents, interest, etc.) from both Social Security and Medicare.

This would not only provide better health care for all Americans but would help local and state governments, as well as businesses, saddled with sometimes crippling health care costs for current employees and retirees.


Good to see comments back - as to health care - there will be debate primarily centering on how to cut back on the existing reforms already in progress. Obama care - pushed through with all it's compromise - actually has accomplished little for most Americans - ensured profits for insurance company's and likely has put meaningful health care reform back by decades.


Why wasn't this introduced when it had a chance of passing?

Because it's just a bit of theater meant to rally the faithful.


Sorry! What does "privately delivered health care system"....mean? Why privately run? What is the matter with government run? Get the "private" run for profit out of my life please. I am all for MEDICARE FOR ALL. I want it run by the government.


Two recent issues have spotlighted the fact that America is no longer a democracy -- (1) the federal government's absolute refusal to provide universal health care and (2) The federal government's absolute refusal to stop wasting trillions of dollars on unnecessary and unproductive military adventures abroad.
Both underscore the embarrassing fact that our federal government now exists mainly as a vehicle for transferring enormous numbers of tax dollars from the middle and lower classes to the corporate establishment. American health care is a shameful joke, but then so is our Congress and our executive branch. None of this will change until the dollar finally collapses and loses its value and America is forced into another depression, which probably isn't far off. According to knowledgeable sources, the main topic of conversation at the recent superrich conference in Switzerland was where to build survivalist homesteads to ride out the coming global meltdown. The up side is that after a few years of social turmoil and assorted horrors we might finally be able to get health care for a reasonable cost -- and I suspect many of us are going to need it.


In 2009 HD 676 had around 80 cosponsors now it has about 40. We are going backwards not forward. What good did it's do back then when every Dem cosponsor including Conyers and Kucinich caved. I am still embittered by this betrayal. Representatives like Mike Doyle, who in a strongly Democratic district, will posture and say that he is for Single-Payer, will never vote for it in a vote that counts. This posturing is the most cruel and cynical of political acts and the most disgusting thing about it is that it seems to be working. Doyle and Conyers get reelected but in my mind they are the Judases and their 30 pieces of silver are the paltry power they hold in a false democracy.


and "faithful" would be exactly the right word that applies here.


Medicare for all should be the rule. It works in other countries and ought to work here. Before "Obamacare" every month as many people died each month as died on 9/11. Why do we tolerate such wastage of life, let alone all the bankruptcies, home losses and suicides? For the US to be "Christian Country" Medicare needs to be made universal or just forget the pretense.


I agree whole-heartedly! Government run and paid for health care works well in so many other countries.


"The legislation would create a publicly financed, privately delivered health care system that expands the already existing Medicare program to all U.S. residents and all residents living in U.S. territories." The hospitals, clinics, and doctors have shown their propensity for overbilling the current Medicare program to the tune of hundreds of millions of $$$ (Florida Gov. Scott is a prime example of such malfeasance prior to being elected Gov of FL). Any number of hospitals, clinics, and doctors persist in turning away (or at most providing desultory and/or delayed care) for patients on Medicare. And the cost of prescriptions is criminal, which means that Medicare-for-All legislation also has to address that issue. This has to stop if the US is going to provide care on par with the Scandinavian countries (Norway and Sweden lead the way). Our nation wages war at will yet turns a blind eye to the needs of its most vulnerable citizens (elderly, children, disabled, veterans, e.g.)


Conyers has introduced HR 676 into the House every year since 2003. He and the co-sponsors then let it die in committee, just as it did last year, without so much as a CBO/JCT score. The same will happen this year…because…he and the co-sponsors really aren't interested in advancing the legislation. They just use it to gain political capital with potential voters. Year after year after year after year PNHP has refused to demand any accountability from Conyers or the co-sponsors.

Don't expect anything different this year.


No. PNHP is separate from the AMA, which claims a membership of about a quarter of a million professionals. The AMA has always been a supporter of ObamaCare¬ģ.


Conyers has introduced HR 676 every year since 2003. It doesn't get a chance of passing because he and the cosponsors aren't really interested in getting it passed. Just introduced. It's a PR move.


Please try to remember the present day Medicare program has been taken over or ‚Äėadministered‚Äô by what they call ‚Äúproviders‚ÄĚ. This was a government system put in place by those with a very weak understanding of healthcare for human beings and with a great propensity for profits, and these insurance programs are privately owned and euphemistically called ‚Äúproviders‚ÄĚ. These are people with divested interest in insurance companies.

Ethics say you have to always pay a man for his time and labor. Doctors and hospitals are charging for that. The ‚ÄúPROVIDERS‚ÄĚ, or insurance companies are the only entities in this country who are assigned to pay them unless you pull cash straight out of your wallet at the front door.

The ‚Äúproviders‚ÄĚ, in order to make profits only pay what they feel is they should. Check out your bills sometime and you can see it as plain as day.

The mainstream media and PR people are always saying that Medicare is rift with fraud and this is done for good reasons. The actual percentage of true Medicare fraud is very miniscule. However, the access to and for affordable healthcare is very real.


Accusing either wing of the Corporocratic Monolith of 'theater' is like accusing fish of swimming. The whole point of having two wings is to provide the illusion of representation. It's a dog'n'pony show to distract us from focusing on who's actually running our country and why. That said, this is CLEVER theater, in that the GOP-wing has sold a narrative that re-defined as 'socialist' a plan that started out in their own camp and is a HUGE subsidy for Big Insurance. Re-introducing Single-Payer regularly DISRUPTS their narrative by providing an actually socialist alternative that extends the spectrum of debate.The Corporate Media then acts out their part in the drama by ignoring Single Payer proposals and arguments and focusing on the protests against 'ObamaCare'. Darn fine show!


HR 676 is DOA. Conyers knows it. The co-sponsors know it. PNHP knows it.