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Universal Mask-Wearing Would Save Nearly 130,000 Lives by Spring 2021, Study Finds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/23/universal-mask-wearing-would-save-nearly-130000-lives-spring-2021-study-finds

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An ounce of protection for a pound of cure.
Wear the darn mask when around other people. It’s common sense plain and simple.


Just had a stump grinder and tree trimmer stop by my home for an estimate. Prior to coming he bragged on the telephone about his wife being a Wal-Mart executive and that they are “good Christians”. Well, instead of hanging up right then, I allowed this guy to come over for the estimate and wouldn’t you know: he gets out of his pickup truck WITHOUT a mask. As he’s walking towards me spewing his bullshit I said “keep your distance and where’s your mask?” He looked at me like “what’s the Hell are you talking about” so I told him to GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! You should have seen this obvious peabrain right winger skulk away! Thank goodness I didn’t have to plant him like a tulip!!! Bottom line is I am done dealing with anyone with any connection to the party of STUPID Republicans. If you don’t think a mask or social distancing is necessary you can’t have any of my hard earned $. Ask Wal-Mart: they’ve never gotten a dime from me and never will. F-ck them!


And yet they will not guarantee the gov funded treatment for the WH occupant will be made available to the rest of us due to costs but billions for these profiteers…and millions do not have health insurance…Get ready to rumble.


Regeneron’s federally funded Covid-19 treatment, which was used to treat Donald Trump, will likely be unavailable to most patients.


Thanks for your comment. If enough people would read this and then take the same kind of actions we could save lives and create a social movement. Refuse to shop at any place of business that allows its employees to assist customers without wearing a mask; or, allows customers to enter a business without wearing a mask. It would be that simple. It is obvious that government officials are afraid to give legal legitimacy to their meaningless mask “mandates” and “orders” by establishing penalties for those refusing to wear masks. One law could be easily established that any business that does not comply with the mask mandate would lose their business license. Hey, sell liquor to an underage person and a business loses its liquor license. Fines could be initiated against people in public places without wearing a mask, etc. Maybe we could bring back the stockade where offenders of the mask laws would be placed in the stockade where people could breathe on them for a day. Just kidding, but hopefully, my point is made.


FEA Sparklemahn.