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Universities Face Another Push to Criminalize Speech Criticizing Israel


Universities Face Another Push to Criminalize Speech Criticizing Israel

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A revived effort at the University of California system to criminalize speech critical of the state of Israel by deeming it "anti-Semitic" is being met with considerable push-back from students and social justice campaigners, who say there is nothing intolerant about human rights advocacy.


Arguably the most successful (so far) propaganda machine ever is the Israeli Zionist state that has bamboozled the world (so far) to silence or outright complicity in their crimes against humanity and war crimes Israel employs enforcing its endless occupation and illegal settlement of the Occupied Territories.

The attempted intimidation of US academia via threats to withhold funding and phony charges of "anti-Semitism" seems to have gained a foothold as craven administrators fold under pressure from rabid pro-Israel supporters and its subversive agents, AIPAC. US politicians, Congress and WH are already in thrall and lap-dogs to Israeli extremism and warmongering, funding, arming and supporting the criminal apartheid state!

Eurpoean academics are better informed on israeli intransigense (read refusal) to make a just peace, institutionalized racism, violence by Israeli "settlers", atrocities and brutality by IDF military against Palestinians, usually civilians and often children, to enforce their theft of territory and natural resources in Palestine. The pariah state of the planet is beginning to lose its propaganda edge as the hysterical response to BDS and other activities on campus to end Israel's crimes clearly show - what's really pathetic is the cowardice of administrators to BS "anti-Semitism" charges!

"Hundreds of British academics said Tuesday that they would boycott contact with Israeli universities over the state's “intolerable human rights violations” towards Palestinians." "“We are deeply disturbed by Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land, the intolerable human rights violations that it inflicts on all sections of the Palestinian people, and its apparent determination to resist any feasible settlement,” - We will maintain this position until the state of Israel complies with international law and respects universal principles of human rights.” - Israeli universities were “at the heart of Israel's violations of international law and oppression of the Palestinian people.”



shame shame on the state university system and Blum and Feinstein for trying to shut down honest open discussion on the outrageous ongoing occupation of the Palestinian people by the terrorist state of Israel. Yes they have perpetrated terror on the Palestinian people since 1967 by keeping them in an open air prison in Gaza and by stealing their land in the West Bank and killing innocent civilians in the process. I am a Jewish elder and am appalled by what the state of Israel has become and what our country continues to abet by giving them our hard earned tax dollars for military might to continue their occupation and murder of innocent civilians. How dare the Regents try to shut down honest, open debate on a most egregious situation. I thought higher education was supposed to open peoples minds not close down opinions which don't agree with the elites. And as for Mr Blum and his wife the awful Diane Feinstein, their behavior is not much better than that of the Israeli government.



Opposition to the State of Israel is almost becoming blasphemous, or has it been that way for a while?


Not one U.S. politician dares to stand up for the Palestinians such is the fear of the AIPAC lobby. Sharon was correct when he said that Israel controls America.


Those who rely strictly on MSM for their news in the U.S. still see the Israel/Palestinian situation through pro-Israel blinders. Those who get their news through other channels - like most college students - get a much clearer view. That's why support for Palestinians and BDS is rising on college campuses. Israel and pro-Israel groups have responded with free 'birthright' brainwashing trips to Israel for students, paying students to post pro-Israel positions on social media, and with increased pressure to shut down speech/actions critical of Israel on college campuses. They also set up the McCarthite 'Canary Mission' to post the names of pro-Palestinian campus activists in an attempt frighten them into silence due to the threat that they won't be able to find employment if they express opposition to Israel's actions.

A foreign nation is working hard to suppress free speech on U.S. college campuses. Where are all our self-declared patriots on this issue? Where are their passionate defenses of our constitutional right to free speech? Where are their vows to fight foreign subversion?

They aren't making them. They are either silent or vocally supporting Israel's attempt to dominate the discussion via intimidation and false claims of anti-Semitism. They're standing up for the idea that criticism of Israel is an expression of hatred for Jews.

As usual, it falls to us on the left to actually stand on principle.

And we're not standing for Israel trying to put a gag on our best and brightest.

We stand in support of free speech.


The Jewish eite justified all future actions by designating themselves "God's chosen people" and this claim was officially transferred to Christians when they combined the Old and New Testaments inside one book cover...


It is crucially important for all countries and each citizen to recognize that their votes, when they support the status quo Israeli position, support crimes against humanity and make these voters accessories to mass murder and torture on a wide scale. Centrist politics blinds us from the responsibilities we bear with our votes. When we vote for a foreign policy that ensures these horrors continue, we ourselves share responsibility for the most heinous of human atrocities. Try and smile at that when you look in the mirror after voting to perpetrate horror. Please - actually try!!!


Generalizations about Jews, like generalizations about all groups, are usually misplaced and often bigoted.

What those attempting to suppress free speech about Israel are doing is conflating Jews and Israel. They pretend that criticizing Israel is the same as criticizing all Jews.

Don't make the same mistake. Don't conflate Jews and Israel. Although Israel is a self-declared Jewish state that doesn't make Jews worldwide responsible for its crimes. That sits firmly on Israelis and those who support Israel's oppression and slaughter of Palestinians - which doesn't include all Jews and does include many non-Jews, including those in Congress.

Even in Israel there are groups who oppose Israel's policies, as there are in the U.S.



I've made that point here and elsewhere many times. You may not have noticed that I said "elite" Jews...meaning those who formulate Israeli policies and those who control much of the media.


Such a rule or law would be unconstitutional under the first amendment, of the US Constitution, any law student in their first year can plainly see that! The Constitution doesn't make exceptions "Because it is "Anti Semetic" good try but no cigar!


The feminists opened the door on this one. The concept of "sexual harassment", which was supposed to be about quid-pro-quo harassment, has expanded to include speech that the hearer construes as creating a "hostile environment". (The standards are completely subjective and based on the perception of the hearer.) That speech has included the discussion of whether this kind of expansion of categories is appropriate and in accord with concepts of academic freedom. People have lost their jobs for bringing up just such issues in classroom contexts. Look into what's happening with Title IX. Read Daphne Patai. And wake up. Open the door, and more will come.