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University Administrations Should Take Responsibility for Potential Campus Outbreaks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/24/university-administrations-should-take-responsibility-potential-campus-outbreaks

Such important topics. This article may as well have been written about another (nameless) public University that prides itself into being one of the top in the nation, and which is ‘encouraging’ me a teacher to take a covid test, from which encouragement I can opt out. As if a test taken a week before classes start, it even means anything. It is at these institutions of higher learning that you see the decay of a society. Even the ‘public’ ones, are big businesses with focus on ruthless profit.

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CNN just reported that a judge in Florida ruled in favor of the Teachers Union. Florida schools cannot be forced to reopen by the Government and cannot have their funding cut to force them to reopen.

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High tuition keeps out the “others” Give jobs and power only to the elite, keep out “others” Starve the states. Oligarchy all the way. Yeah team.

College tuition used to be funded by feds more. Now mostly states. Like everything else. Grow and cut. Only the rich survive.

Merit? I would love to see the kid of the rich compete with the ones I teach.

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A sorry Syracuse for “an institution of higher learning”