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University of NC Blocked from Enforcing 'Bathroom Bill' in Partial Win for LGBTQ Rights


University of NC Blocked from Enforcing 'Bathroom Bill' in Partial Win for LGBTQ Rights

Nika Knight, staff writer

A U.S. judge on Friday ordered the University of North Carolina to allow transgender students and staff to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity, blocking enforcement of the state's controversial "bathroom bill" known as House Bill 2, while a lawsuit challenging the anti-LGBTQ legislation proceeds.


Please tell me about the trans people in your life.

Your "pseudo controversy" is critically real for the trans people being targeted, as is the discrimination and violence that ignorant and hateful people engage in against trans people.

Was Jim Crow a "pseudo controversy" in your ideology? Certainly Jim Crow was "divide and conquer." Just as certainly, many "liberals" were dismissive of the critical importance of Jim Crow when it was forced onto the agenda by activists. And just as certainly, the targets of Jim Crow were subject to real violence far beyond any "bathroom laws" that were in force at that time.

Wake up and smell the humanity.


Right on Matt.

And it's sad to see that the right-to-pee-where-I-want is a much more pressing issue to some - worthy of protest - than the fact that their government is regularly killing and maiming innocents in the Middle East and elsewhere - not worthy of protest.

On edit: Apparently CD has deleted the clever (though heretical) comment by Matt_Heins that I'm replying to here.


Bullshit. One issue does not compete or negate another.

Also "the issue" goes way beyond "the right-to-pee-where-i want," which is a way for hateful bigots to publicly stigmatize a minority group which experiences multiple forms of discrimination and violence.


Would you kindly explain to us what is so horribly wrong with peeing in the restroom that matches one's physical gender, just as we have always done?

How does that encourage multiple forms of discrimination and violence?


I generally don't pay much attention to the people peeing beside me in a public restroom.
Could be a women or it could be a man.
As long as they do their business and don't try to accost me, I really don't care what gender they are.

This is a non-issue except for those who want to make it one.


Hey there, Here let me kindly explain. The LGBT Community in this case Transgender Community have been murdered, and violently attacked almost on a daily basis. A Transgender women is a person who's sexual identity is that of a women. Hence they live their life as a woman, in every way, shape, or form. Transgender women are women. Why do you have a problem with women using the women's bathroom, washroom, restroom? Would you want women using the men's bathroom? No woman wants to be attacked, and Transgender women are attacked and murdered daily across the globe by men who have no understanding for many reasons. One reason I feel is men who get violent with Transgender women is they have been conditioned to only understand sexuality in one way, the Old Testament way. Dr. Drew help!


Because they are peeing in the right bathroom? - the one that matches their physical gender?


Because geneticists say one in three hundred people has both male and female equipment. Where should they pee? Both places? Neither? In the alley? Maybe they should bring their lawyer with them to make the call every time they pee.

Your response is one of physiology ignorance. All probably to make you feel better with your wacko religious upbringing. If sharing the can so creeps you out, just go pee in the stall. You put these poor people through a living hell since they face arrest no matter what they do. Their choice currently is: face arrest for urination in public (outside) or face arrest peeing in the wrong gender can.

I have never read a more unreasonable position than yours.


I think you are confusing hermaphroditism with gender identity disorder. Hermaphrodites have "both male and female equipment". The issue here is about transgenders who think they are different sex than the "equipment" they have.

Anyway, as you said, it 0.3% of the population and were totally under the radar until this "bathroom bill" issue emerged. Where did these guys/gals go before this?


Sometimes, yes. If my 38yo child walks their nonbinary butt into the men's room, earrings dangling, recovered hair in pigtails, boobs bouncing, what do you think is going to happen? This person I love struggled, without a word to put to it, in fear in those men's rooms for 37 years before embracing their identity, starting hormonal a psychological therapy, and enjoying the privacy and acceptance of women's facilities (we don't even see whether you're sitting, standing, or hovering). They're waiting to hear back about scheduling an orchiectomy so they can stop taking testosterone blockers, but may have no further "bottom" surgery. That should be nobody else's business, but the governor of the state where they were born won't allow a change of gender designation on their birth certificate, and therefore on their driver's license in another state, until they've had some surgery. And without that birth certificate, if they go to visit family in NC and stop in a rest area, they can be driven into the men's room. Can you possibly imagine how terrifying that would be? It can contribute to colitis. It can make schoolchildren flat-out sick unto death by "holding it" rather than facing bathroom challenges.

Get a heart.


They either held their breath and used the wrong bathroom, held their excreta and made themselves sick, or used places like unguarded portapotties, risking attack by the folks who hang around construction sites. Or, as @Thomas_Jefferson said, went in the woods (my child used to walk the roads of Massachusetts with a hiker's shovel, being a sufferer with colitis).


Just a quick note that I don't think UNC ever wanted to enforce HB2. It is a shame they didn't get a ruling for the younger children, who will be even more deeply scarred by being forced to hide their dysphoria.



Many Hermaphrodites have surgery and are transgender from their identified birth sex. The two categories aren't mutually exclusive.

All human eggs are female. You were female until the Y chromosome was added later. Hormones will make an individual have female or male traits regardless of how they were born.

Before redneck states criminalized it, free people could decide for themselves which restroom to use. Most places in the world don't even have male and female restrooms. You are just lucky there to have a hole in the ground to do it.

In Asia, it is very common to see females in the men's room. They clean the thing too, with you peeing right there. Nobody cares.


Why would any parent allow to be instilled in their child (those over 18 can fend for themselves) a fear of going to the bathroom.
Mom's across the country should march into the bathroom that their child chooses beginning today.

Will these mother's be arrested?
Have they been arrested in the past?

Just how big an issue is this?

Is the "separate bathroom law" discriminatory?
Does this law actually exist at all or do people use separate bathrooms out of choice?
When we used communal bathrooms in the past was there some problem that influenced society to move toward gender specific bathroom use?
What is the root and history of this "discrimination"?


Would this solve the problem?

A federal mandate stating that every organization having separate male/female group restrooms install a unisex porta-potty similar to those we see at construction sites, that would accommodate a single person.

There are also people, not transgender, that might appreciate the privacy this would afford, for a variety of reasons.


When my child was a child, they didn't have words to put to their discomfort (dysphoria). They knew only that there was something terrifying about the whole atmosphere of boys' rooms. They assumed it was something wrong with themselves, and so tried even at home to "man up" (though my husband has never been too concerned with manliness). The best thing about opening the conversation about gender identity is giving kids the words to tell those who love them how to help.


What @marlborough said. And more and more public places do have single-stall real restrooms and changing rooms, often called "family" restrooms, or showing the disability (wheelchair) logo. Some schools have sent kids who have been identified by their parents as trans to use the teachers' unsegregated restrooms, or the one in the nurse's office. But what does that say to the other kids? It's an invitation to bullying, that's what. No one should have to "out" themselves by their selection of restroom. Just. let. people. pee.


I finished college in my late 20s. During that time, I lived on a floor in a dorm that was set aside for older students like myself. The floor was also coed. There were only 2 bathrooms on the floor. So, we decided to make those bathrooms coed. It worked out for everyone. There was only one female resident on our floor who was uncomfortable with the arrangement. She transferred to an all female dorm. Being in my profession, I often attend conferences where I'm the only male there. When there's a break out session, there tends to be a very long line for the women's bathroom. Meanwhile, I have the men's bathroom to myself. Very often there will be some women who decides to use the men's restroom rather than wait through a stupid long line to pee. It doesn't bother me. I'm in favor of coed bathrooms. Perhaps they could be called the Family Bathroom. That way mom, dad and all the kids can go in together. Instead of deciding if their young son should go in with mom to the women's bathroom because dad is too busy or what not. People have to make decisions like that. So, Family Bathroom, where gender doesn't matter. Just my thoughts.