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'Unjust, Inhumane, and Avoidable': Horrifying Video of Police Killing of Daniel Prude Sparks Outrage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/unjust-inhumane-and-avoidable-horrifying-video-police-killing-daniel-prude-sparks

Vengeance is coming.

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Hopefully “vengeance” waits to see if Justice will prevail…unlikely, but possible in the current atmosphere of rebellion…We can only hope…

I still remember a similar instance when I first moved to [large city in the Southwest] circa 1990. Woman calls 911, says her son is off his medication and paranoid, but that she was not in any danger, that her son would never hurt her.

So, what happens? About ten cruisers show up, sirens going, lights flashing (just the thing to calm someone who’s mentally unbalanced, eh?), as the victim is standing in his front yard brandishing a kitchen knife. The cops start yelling at him through a bullhorn to put the knife down, and not to move. The closest cop to him is about fifteen or twenty feet away. He takes a step forward, and the entire force starts shooting at him. Altogether, they fired at him twenty-nine times, hitting him nine times and killing him instantly in front of his mother. A fair number of the rounds hit neighboring houses.

No one was disciplined. It was just SOP.

A tranquilizer gun was probably the greatest force they truly needed to apply.

More exciting to shoot people for real, I suppose.

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This should be used as a training video of WHAT YOU SHOULD NEVER DO starting with how to identify an at risk person and how NOT to make an incident life threatening. WTF