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'Unlawful Abuse of Power': NYC, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon Sue DOJ Over 'Anarchist' Designation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/23/unlawful-abuse-power-nyc-seattle-and-portland-oregon-sue-doj-over-anarchist


The fact that Barr isn’t in jail, or even indicted, shows us the deterioration of our justice system.


This calls for a moratorium on federal taxation.


“(IV) any other related factors that the Attorney General deems appropriate.”

Now that’s rich. Judge, jury, and executioner Billy Barr!


Since the executive has no spending authority, yeah!

Yet it was ICE, BUREAU OF PRISONS, & noted out of state rightwing terrorists who came into Portland, threw peaceful protesting citizens into unmarked vehicles, by unidetified uniformed goons, held them incommunicado at varied locations & then released them in the morning"without officially arresting them"!!
This meant the victims could not sue for illegal govt actions, so the threats achieved their purposes of squelching citizens’ rights. Straight out of the KGB playbook by the Orange Cheato’s good friend & model Putin, its .former head.


No doubt legal scholars are laughing at the so-called “memorandum”, but I’d be willing to bet that NYC, its residents and those that work there pay more in taxes than the federal dollars that flow back to the city. If I were an employer in NYC, I’d be happy to put all the payroll withholding into an escrow as dictated by the state government. Let’s see how the GOP elite in the Senate respond to that.

Of course, it will never come to that, because the whole thing is a joke, but we should not lose sight of the propaganda value and the fact that it is a gift to the fascists in power.

Why can’t we all just stand down for another week and a half? What value can there be in not waiting until after the election to return to the streets? The white supremacists will turn any peaceful demonstration into a violent conflict, and that will empower the fascists.

Can’t we all just stand down for just a little while?

The Antichrist in the White House is soon to come to the end of his rope, like Judas.

Kidnapping is a capital offense. Serious enough to protect yourself with using deadly force. (i THINK)
It’s the possible escalation to watch out for. Shoot and duck.
The same as shooting anyone who breaks into your home place.

The latest. "explosive tosser " in trouble with the U. S. Atty in Portland: some 23 yr old yahoo from Astoria Or., X- 82nd Airborne reject birthed from the hills of Utah. A real home grown ( see plants ) errand boy for local activists BLM, Antifa or Don’t Shoot Portland. I’m just sure he’s their pride and joy: NOT!
It’s time to start asking harder ??s of these funky yahoos from out of the region. Who are they and let’s see the interrogation interviews. This is very odd, imo.
Just sayin’.

Trump is a crazy bully and should be removed ~ NOW!!!