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Unlawful' Drone Assassination of Soleimani by US a Slippery 'Cliff' That Could Open Floodgates, UN Expert Warns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/10/unlawful-drone-assassination-soleimani-us-slippery-cliff-could-open-floodgates-un

Since the “Grassy Knoll Guys” are gone, might we get a drone disbursed to the White Supremacist House?

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Just about anybody can build a drone. Cheap aircraft are available at Wal-Mart if your nation is seriously on a budget.

With that kind of openness, any Somali pirate or medium-level drug dealer can have a semblance of her own air force these days. Some war drones will be of higher quality than others, I guess.

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First off, Mr. Trump and his Alzheimers syndrome is a lethal threat to the entire Republican Party at the ballot box, not to mention every time he doesn’t wear a mask. Second, I don’t want people going around threatening assassinations. It’s illegal too.

Just wait until the human element is completely removed from our drone program. Hundreds of drones in the air at all times, obeying an algorithm of preset parameters, programmed to fire automatically on any person or situation meeting those parameters.
I would say it’s very Skynet like, but I was always a fan of D.F. Jones work “Colossis” (turned into an excellent and moody film named “the Forbin Project”)
Either way, it doesn’t end well for us.

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Yes, trump has made the slippery slope a lot more slippery and a lot steeper during his presidency.

I suppose when any terrorist prone person or group gets the idea of hitting the U.S. mainland, we are in for some real trouble here.
Privacy rights diminishing, surveillance increasing, and sharing or selling of personal documents.

We may have to shoot down any drones poking around in our private lives.
Should have been done with helicopter surveillance long ago.

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First off, removing this murderous jerk from the position he holds, would be a blessing to this country.

Secondly, every day he remains means more death to us all.

I need no one to agree with me on this.

We all know what’s best for our nation.

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Hi BigB:
sigh----and with drones, Trump would have sent them in instead of the National Guard to attack the peaceful protestors so that he could have church his photo op. I guess that wiII be the cheap and poor peopIe’s war coming up next----And if drones can be so easiIy and cheapY made—no one , anywhere or any time is safe. : (

Steve Earle’s song Copperhead Road makes reference to just such a scenario.

“No evidence has been provided that General Soleimani specifically was planning an imminent attack against U.S. interests, particularly in Iraq, for which immediate action was necessary and would have been justified,”

So if Iraqis knew that the U.S. was planning to illegally invade their country back in 2002, they would have been justified in taking out George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld with either a drone strike or a bomb? The UN acts irresponsibly by framing it in this way.
The truth is very few countries have the ability to assassinate people at will half way around the globe. The U.S. prides itself as being the greatest assassin of all time with the ability to target anyone or anything and destroy it in a matter of minutes based on nothing more than biased and faulty intelligence. Under the UN definition, Bolivia, Venezuela, Iran and Somalia (just to name a few) have the right to kill Americans responsible for “imminent attacks”. Does that mean revenge attacks are also permissible? Or is it only permissible if the victim has proven knowledge of a future attack?
Drone attacks should be banned completely… except when hunting down an evil CEO that has undermined the 99% for exorbitant profits of course!

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True enough, but if you live in Iraq or Argentina or Indonesia, you will be unable to build a drone and launch it half way around the world on your intended victim. U.S. drones are delivered via huge aircraft and large fleets of warships and positioning just a few miles from their intended targets. Also many of our drones have sophisticated ‘loads’ that are far more destructive than anything someone can assemble using a Home Depot catalogue.
To date no American has been killed by a drone, except for Americans drones that missed their targets and killed American soldiers by accident. Until advanced countries start selling advanced drones to poor and angry countries that are the targets of U.S. imperialism, it will be a one-sided affair.