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'Unlawful Pollution': Volkswagen Charged With Crimes Against Climate


'Unlawful Pollution': Volkswagen Charged With Crimes Against Climate

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The U.S. Department of Justice on Monday filed suit against Volkswagen, charging that the German auto-maker deliberately rigged cars to cheat emissions tests resulting in potentially millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions and untold damage to the atmosphere.


Is the EPA going to say the same thing about SoCal Gas? Methane gas has been leaking for over two months and they say it will not be contained for another couple of months. Each day it is leaking, it puts out the same amount of pollution as having another 7 million cars on the road. You rarely hear anything about this leak in the local paper or evening news. I guess it is not as important as what Trump has to say.


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If the truth be known, there is probably not an automobile company that has ever given an honest assessment of its own CO2 output. There is probably not a corporation or government that has ever given an honest appraisal of its carbon footprint. Heck, we just left Paris with nothing but a handful of promises and a pocket full of bullshit from the supposed world leaders. The nations of the world continue to pump out record amounts of carbon with only tacit acknowledgment that the planet is becoming uninhabitable.
And in the middle of this latest grand kubuki production is Volkswagen. Sure, they lied about the exhaust output of their vehicles. But in the grandest picture of the coming climate upheaval, it is merely a small pixel. The whole picture is far more interesting. A picture where, in 50 years or so, there are only a few small enclaves of people that are able to survive with enough water and enough food.


Under TTIP w/ISDS, I rather doubt this action could occur...


As emission tests are required during vehicle inspections and as we know they fail that inspections test all these cars should be removed from our road ways.


A by back program is in order,


TTIP and similar trade agreements are the problem.

VW committed two unforgivable sins:

They built great cars that get anywhere from 91 mpg to 350!!!!! mpg in their diesel division. They did not play the 19/mpg game the US car manufactures and Big Oil insist on. Just imagine how long petroleum reserves would last if all new cars were legislated to get 350 mpg!!

Their other sin was going solar.

But no one in the US has ever heard about these great economical cars or that Germany has gone solar because of trade agreements like TTp TTIP etc., and the near total control of the media in the US.


This is a reasonable start but remember that Vee Dub is not alone here. This money,in the unlikely event that any is actually collected, should be earmarked for development of alternative powering of transportation such as improved batteries and fuel cells abd addressing the health damage to citizens.


Bonkers eh.

crime |krīm| noun
• an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law
• an action or activity that, although not illegal, is considered to be evil, shameful, or wrong

Volkswagen engineered a system to cheat on smog emissions tests in a large scale to the detriment of the environment and human health, and according to current science to the detriment ultimately of the climate.

It is bonkers at this point to diminish such crimes, and to what end Matt?

With luv and huggles as usual. :kissing_heart:



Okay, everyone has certainly lost their mind! Crimes against the Climate! Well, start with the Geo-Engineers screwing up the climate big time while blaming it on bull farts and the breath you breathe out! Kill all humans then. Everyday we breathe out 'toxic' CO2. Should we kill off humanity? It seems some might think so, at least according to the Georgia Guidestones which suggest we cull off 90% of the world's population. It is getting beyond ridiculous. Soon the high priests of Climate Change will be calling out the Witch Burners and Beheaders to bring justice to anyone who breathes OUT.


I see that this is the new argument ejaculated on these threads. Did you pick that up at Heartland, or Alex Jones.


Republicans Propose Volkswagen Bailout Right After the U.S. Government Sues Over Emissions Lies


Your numbers are way off. The window sticker on the 2015 VW 2.0L TDI diesel is 31 city - 43 highway. Keeping your speed under 65 mpg, they will get into the area of 55mpg on the highway. As for pollution, the main thing people look at is CO2 numbers. The VW diesel's CO2 output is very low. The problem with the VW diesel is their output of NOX emissions.
Even NOX emissions can be controlled with the proper emission equipment. All it takes is a Urea injection system installed.
All newer Kenworths and Peterbuilts on the highway use it, so do Mercedes and BMW diesels sold in the US.
VW decided that they didn't want to add the $350 additional cost to their diesels by using the urea injection system.
They tried to save $ 350 on each car, they got caught cheating. and now it's going to cost them in the thousands to fix each car, the early models most likely cannot be fixed. VW may even have to buy them back.
The idea of modern diesels is not a bad idea, they get great mileage, but they have to be built correctly.


hear! hear!