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Unless Democrats Refute the Myth of a "Good Economy," Trump Likely to Win Second Term

Unless Democrats Refute the Myth of a "Good Economy," Trump Likely to Win Second Term

John Atcheson

Many in the mainstream media are telling us that the “good economy” favors Trump in 2020, and the Democrats are mostly mum on the subject, with Pelosi and the neoliberals hoping an anti-Trump campaign will win the day in the next election.


Progressive values and policies continue to be marginalized by Democratic leadership. I think it is time for a well-written, comprehensive ultimatum–a pledge signed by millions of us–that would be delivered to the party quite soon. Its purpose: to declare unequivocally what must be incorporated into the Dem platform, and what candidates we require to be part of the final ticket. Absent this strong presentation of our refusal to be rolled once again–as they tried to do w HRC–we can expect a candidacy that we cannot support. This means that pledge signers would have to be willing to vote third party or write in–but not fall for the lesser of two evils argument yet again. Yes, and even if. Because we can’t continue this way.


Basically to beat Trump, we have to do it in spite of the Democrats by voting for a democrat!

Go Bernie
Go Warren


Good analysis - central to thinking about US politics now.

A few notes.

First, the Roger Cohen link worth looking at.

Second, in connection with voter rejection of “Davos Democrats” - and especially in connection with Trump as, in part, a backlash to Obama’s 2008 bank bailout - see this piece, which not only calls it a backlash, but notes Trump’s false right wing populist attacks on the ‘establishment’ that - versus simply his racism - were a crucial part of voter support:


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To pretend yet again that voting for a fringe candidate like say the Green Party will somehow magically defeat Trump is bizarre. You might as well say ‘Vote the Green Party for Trump’.


It is bizarre. It’s exactly what the leadership needs to be assured of. In sum, we become a “3rd” party w/out going through the apparatus. As in the European model, the Dems will have to merge w/ us, incorporate our ideas in order to create a successful electoral coalition. Think they can do that? Otherwise, what purpose is served on this echo chamber sharing complaints but doing very little?

In case you forgot, Atcheson argues that a strong assertion of our values by the party is exactly what is required to defeat Trump. Either you believe that, or you don’t. Guess you don’t?


With each passing week the Dims weaken themselves further…last week it was threatening to cite GOP consigliere Barr with contempt of Congress and then failing to do so. Dims failing to take action is more than tacit approval of Trump and GOP behavior it is GOP complicity ! What will it be this week ?

As long as the Dims keep getting their corporate money fix, that addiction will always be a higher priority than winning elections. Pelosi’s sole mission is keeping corporate money flowing into the DNC.


The Democratic ‘Leadership’, and Republicans are taking bribes from the same corporations.
Pelosi’s net worth is $120 million - THink she can relate to your problems?

They are playing ninja black belt 3D chess and WE are their opponents - Not the Republicans, Corporations or 1%


If you want Trump, you attempt to divide his opposition. Last time the ‘we will show 'em all by not voting Dem’ strategy resulted in Trump winning. Yes we need to change things but consider what will happen if Trump wins again?

There has been no serious effort made to create a third party these last two years of Trumpification. Just like last time. None! Yet you are advocating that people throw away their votes on principle.

For the first time we have some candidates who espouse progressive ideas. Vote for them if you would change the Dem leadership. A progressive Democrat president would sure do a lot to help this country. Taking votes away from those candidates will do nothing but help Trump win.


Laugh - good idea, modeforjoe! And not just because I wrestled intensely w/sdemitri over it for weeks - and longer after he got tired of arguing it - in spring-fall 2016:

May '16


As argued previously, we are seeing a schismatic struggle between the right liberal power holders of the Democratic Party and the progressive liberal part that - until now - has been outmaneuvered, marginalized, and manipulated into supporting right liberal Democrats.

That is - the struggle between Sanders and Clinton is not simply about what is better national policy; in essence, Sanders is the spokesperson for a rebellion against the right liberal domination of the Democratic Party. That is what makes this election different from other ‘vote-for-the-lesser-of-two-evil’ elections; that is why Sanders and the movement that he is responsible to will not simply support Clinton.

In a parliamentary system, the path forward would be negotiation between two parties, leading to a ruling coalition. That, IMO, is the model for what must happen next. The right wing liberal forces that control the Democratic Party must not only endorse progressive positions, but, practically, give up power by reforming their party.


Politically, Clinton must commit to being the servant of all of her party. She must publicly commit to supporting a negotiated Party platform and presenting short-lists of progressive high-ranking officials if she is elected.

Organizationally, the Democratic Party must abolish the closed primary and super-delegate system and establish a parliamentarian style steering committee that evaluates party leaders’s adherence to pre-election platforms and commitments, and presents ongoing votes of confidence accordingly.

Incorporating progressives into a presidential cabinet, binding commitments to a party platform, and democratization of the Democratic Party seem a fair price for a vote for a right wing liberal. The ruling, right liberal party of the Democratic Party must give up power. Nothing short of that will get my vote.


“Last time the ‘we will show 'em all by not voting Dem’ strategy resulted in Trump winning.”

Nupe, Wereflea. In '16, progressive Democrats and independents sucked it up and voted for the right liberal candidate in high %'s as they always have. The minuscule Green vote did not flip the election:


But wait, what about the Sanders/primary to Trump/general switch voters? Embittered Sanders supporters ready scuttle the Democratic establishment for its campaign against Sanders?

Nope again - conservative Democrats responsive to Sanders’ economic populism who - after Sanders was out - went for Trump’s racism and false, anti-establishment populism:



Good economy for whom?

Those with the means to invest in it, or those without?

That is the question.


My comment was not specifically directed only at the Green Party but all fringe votes and throw away votes like write ins. Distasteful as voting for a Pelosi Democrat might be, people should remember that candidates like Bernie and Warren are not Pelosi Democrats! They are progressives and need our support. It is literally true - anybody but Trump.

Guess what? Trump actually is the worst president ever. Vote to win against Trump.

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Just curious: How does your policy of voting for the LOTE Democrat influence your party to become more progressive? I mean, damn, why would they do anything you want when they know you’ll blindly follow them no matter what?


Look at how Trump has been able to affect his party and the political discourse in general. Now imagine if a real progressive like Bernie or say Warren got in? They could do much the same thing with the power and influence that the office holds.

In any case, Trump is so bad that a second term would be utterly horrendous and detrimental to an extreme for the country. I truly believe that given Trump’s serious personality flaws, mediocre intellect and psychological instability that anybody but Trump is a valid voting strategy.

My preference is for a progressive! Especially because Trump (despite the media’s unacknowledged tacit support for him) has awakened a growing opposition among former Trump voters towards his anti democracy, anti environmentalism and anti working people/middle class (plus his racism)!


My speculation of the jobs we’re creating: Security greeters and guards probably armed Police State. Pipeline and fuels export Rail, road, tankcar distribution via Northwest Warren Buffett approved. BNSF “The engine that connects us” hardly or not really ‘connects us’ is more like it.’

Big trucks low gas mileage. Steel border wall “monument” to trump himself!
The most aghastly impersonal 'P’Resident ignorant monarch leaderbloviator.
Our great Bloviator leader, T-rump refuses to question his existence worth
than less warming than some spare change bestows upon others.


Unlikely, given the millions of people working 2 or 3 crappy jobs with low pay and sparse benefits to make ends meet. Meanwhile the billionaires keep getting richer off their backs…

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I donot care what policies get us in the majority and once we get there we can argue about what we can and will do. I do not know anyone who is doing more than making ends meet,if that.Wages are stagnant job security is unknown and medical expenses are off the charts.the republicans want to end all programs that help.They have had 2 years under Trump to fix drug costs and medical costs.But they did get their big donors their tax cuts.Other than obstruct justice what else have they done.


Hi modeforjoe; yes the Dems in charge don’t seem like Dems anymore and I think people like the Dems best when they do FDR things , like things for the nation and t!he people. LOL, it just hit me, we’ve gone through a worm hole and are back in England and Nancy Pelosi runs the House of Lords! NO wonder things aren’t working! : ) Go progressives, we need you now more than ever! : )

We don’t always recognize this offhand, but we are doing the same as the Tea Party did when they appeared on the scene.
The difference is that we want Dino’s to go away, the resnublicans wanted Rino’s to go away.

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