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Unlike Most of Senate GOP, McCain 'Conscience' Forbids Him From Voting for Bill That Would Kill Estimated 41,600 People by 2027


Unlike Most of Senate GOP, McCain 'Conscience' Forbids Him From Voting for Bill That Would Kill Estimated 41,600 People by 2027

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Republican Party's last-ditch effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act was dealt a major blow Friday when Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) announced that he "cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal," which analysts have called the most "brutal and deadly" version of Trumpcare yet.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is expected to bring the legislation to the floor for a vote before the end of next week.


I sent a note to Senator McCain on Facebook saying, “Bless you, Senator McCain for voting your conscience and choosing to advocate for and represent your constituents in Arizona and ALL Americans.”


If Murkowski and Collins vote against it, we can put the Republican Health Care obscenity in the garbage, or feed it to pigs.


Pigs have more discerning palates than to ingest toxic waste…


Blimey! Have the scales finally fallen off of McCain’s eyes? Sometimes that happens when us mortals are facing the big “D”.


Thank you Mr. Cain for your note vote and why you cannot sign, however, your statement "We should not be content to pass health care legislation on a party-line basis, as Democrats did when they rammed Obamacare through Congress in 2009 is not accurate.

You repugs were in control pretty much all during the years of Bush and what did you propose after you shot Clinton’s attempt at health reform while premium were skyrocketing.
You did nothing during those years, you did propose anything under Clinton or Bush or Obama’s admin. Your party just obstructed.

ACA had many, many hearings and took 9 months and you do nothing er’s did nothing but put some bad things in ACA. to try and get your support.

Get the facts right Senator McCain.


Well McCain who is backing Islamic Terrorist in Syria that in 6 years have murdered over a half million people. And also a key player backing the Kiev Regime that have murdered over ten thousands people. So I guess he doesn’t want to expand his crime against humanity. But he’s still one evil SOB. No matter which way you look at it.


Guess the time-consuming prolonged process slipped the Senator’s mind…it was his party that caused the delays with all the amendments, finagling, obstinacy, and bull-headedness they practiced (McCain included) throughout. With all the physical health challenges he has experienced now and as a POW, you would hope that he would have more compassion and understanding of what it is like for others without access to the platinum plated care that he was privileged to have…all expenses paid. How soon they forget.


Pity the poor pigs. Perhaps put in the troughs of the GOP fools that proposed and advocated the killing of American civilians. Even for the GOP this is reaching a new low.


Goat goblin is ba-a-a-ck…


Less we not forget all the people lost in the military adventures of the imperialist leadership, McCain included. The loss of life is staggering both for the US forces, civilian and military and more especially the utter devastation of lives and structures of those deemed enemies. The real number lost includes those that can’t get proper care when they get home or those that exit quickly due to suicide to the tune of 20 or so a day. The government is a vast killing machine that transfers wealth to the war profiteers and destroys all in the name of…you tell me. We can afford healthcare for all but it will require a major change in… all governance if we want to live a peaceful non-violent existence.


All of McCain’s past and present other actions notwithstanding, without his outspoken declaration now, stopping this might have been impossible.

Senator Portman, are you listening?


I applaud McCain’s stand on this bill. That said I take issue with his statement that the ACA was “rammed through” congress when it was done in the very manner McCain suggests it should be done. It was done with months of talks on both sides and full input from the Health industry. The GOP’s rush to repeal has none of these features.

It is noted that every major health care sector OPPOSES this with the only industry support coming from the insurance companies who reap the rewards of our early death.

One cannot but help wonder why the GOP is so determined to kill poor people to increase insurance profits. Are we expendable? Do GOP members of Congress simply not care how many they kill to boost profits for their campaign donors? Can they really be that ignorant of the effects of their repeal? The two responses are both bad…a) we don’t need ignorant people in high office or b) we don’t need people in high office willing to be bribed to let Americans die for private profit.

Either answer is indication of someone who simply does not belong in office. Why do we keep re-electing the same corrupt representatives over and over and expect them to be any different?




I disagree with John Boy about everything but welcome his no. Perhaps his wife Budwoman influenced his compassion. John got in Annapolis because dad and granddad were admirals. He was seventh from last in his class, crashed a couple of planes and got caught. He did refuse to be released from a POW camp without his fellow sailors even when being tortured so to many he is a hero. I can understand that but he also is ruthless and use the same tactics and evil to murder people they use to condemn our enemies. Making enemies is all they do and create death for the dark side. Saving health care for old people is a good thing. They give it right back to rich people and can only be used for medical help. Trickle up theory.


It’s difficult to believe that McCain has developed A CONSCIENCE this late in life after nearly 80 years as a congenital loser. Could it be that his new-found “decency” comes from his cancerous brain tumor. This comment may sound cruel and insensitive but it is no more so than how rotten and mean spirited this low life, miserable creature treated the wives of MIA and POWs in Senate hearings that McCain knows full well, were “left behind” languishing in North Vietnam.
McCain has been the “Aw, Shit!” guy far too many times in his curriculum vitae to make this “Atta Boy!” No vote on the Obama Repeal Bill of any significance.
It’s like discovering that James Wayne Gacy always sent his mother a nice card on Mother’s Day!

“The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones” So let it be with John McCain!
But, alas, McCain was no Caesar, nor a Cicero but more an unscrupulous Cataline without even the the latter’s distinguished military career. “Crash” McCain, aka the Hanoi Songbird in reality is hardly “distinguished”.


Why do we elect the same ones over and over - a question i have been asking for years, and the answer, here and elsewhere, is “because TINA to D/Rs” - which is, however, a crock …


Perhaps he has had his Road to Damascus moment … (smile)


Good! Hopefully, Collins, Merkowski, and Paul will say NO too.

Hopefully too, we’ll be well on our way with Medicare-for-all by 2027 too.


A corollary to your comment is the narrow range of candidates that the parties select to run give people little choice.


And can somebody explain how anybody in the current U.S. Republican Party can be described as having a conscience.? Truly an oxymoronic phrase for a bunch of morons.