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Unlike Most Western Leaders, Corbyn Demands End to US-UK Complicity in Yemen's Suffering


Unlike Most Western Leaders, Corbyn Demands End to US-UK Complicity in Yemen's Suffering

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In letter to Prime Minister Theresa May, British Labour leader slams the West's role in arming Saudi Arabia and perpetuating world's worst humanitarian catastrophe


Labour Party? Sounds good. I wish we in the US could have one. Don’t you?


Sorry, you get a corporate kabuki show instead.


Obama owns the Yemen debacle. Hope? Change?


Thank you Thank You Thank you Mr. Corbyn! We Americans should be so active on this crisis, and ashamed of our government’s enabling and bank-rolling this murderous destruction of a small very poor luckless nation, embroiled as proxy battlefield in the new Cold Wars. I hope your letter gets wide coverage in the world press. Here, we have Senator Murphy of Connecticut to bring attention to this U.S. foreign policy shame. Aren’t we all so sick of war and war-makers?


Not necessarily, we have to be alert and look out for and effectively counter FBI and other infiltrators and media smear campaigns as have happened in the past 40 years.


Sanity in world affairs is the nemesis of “Most Western Leaders”.


My father was a member of the Socialist Labor Party here in the U.S. for over 50 years.


I wish we had Jeremy Corbyn for sure. In the US there have been several parties with the name labor in it (unfortunately one was connected with Lyndon Larouche - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Labor_Party). I don’t know the main one now - maybe http://www.thelaborparty.org/?

I’m still in the camp of wanting to try to take over the Democratic party, but for those that are third party advocates, I’m not sure I see where the Green party falls short on labor issues. I was not a huge fan of Jill Stein though I voted for in CA. The platform seems fine, I just think a leader with more gravitas like Corbyn could take the party further.

Jimmy Dore mentioned something about some unions making noise of starting another labor party in the US, but I think they’d make more impact if they just backed the Greens (and encouraged some quality people to run for offices).


Finally, a politician with some scruples.

I suppose they all can’t be murderous bastards for a price.


Hopeless wars; changeless profits for the war profiteers!


Hear, hear!


What a difference between these 2 leaders. Corbyn, a courageous, principled human being. Obama, a fraud, knowing full well he was deceiving the public while only serving those in power.


Excellent. Our politicians can definitely learn from this and be more independent of the status quo, especially when it’s immoral.


Until this ends I can’t stand to read about whatever else is in the news- The USA is committing the most grotesque war crime ever- bombing and starving 27 million people, and enforcing a brutal blockade to prevent anyone else- world food program or MSF from getting in to relieve their misery. what a monster we’ve become!


What a rare pleasure it is to read the words of a principled politician these days!


As I believe Ralph Nader said, that Trump pulled off the mask, and the fangs are out.


Obama had gravitas. It lulled many into believing that he also had policies that we would support. Gravitas can be misleading.


Going against the status quo means putting statesmanship above getting re-elected. How many who run for election are essentially ambitious rather than civic-minded? Corbyn has a long history of following his conscience first. I hope he becomes leader but if he does, powerful and wealthy forces will be ranged against him.