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Unlike US, Ireland Just Sent Three Bankers to Jail for Role in 2008 Crisis


Unlike US, Ireland Just Sent Three Bankers to Jail for Role in 2008 Crisis

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A Dublin court has sent three former senior banking executives to jail for committing "sham transactions" in an effort to deceive customers and shareholders during the 2008 financial crisis.

"The trio will be among the first senior bankers globally to be jailed for their role in the collapse of a bank during the crisis," as Reuters reports.


In the US, the guilty just had to send their fines to Clinton.com.


I nominate Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, and Jon Corzine for one way tickets to Attica.


Just because....and just for fun.....


Thank you, Emphyrio. I felt quite moved by that, for some reason.


Yeah that's great - is there a signup list the public can fill with banksters and politrickshans?


In his book, Killing the Host, Michael Hudson states that the U.S. Government asked major U.S. Banks to establish banks in the Caribbean to attract drug money. This demand for U.S. dollars was necessary to balance the enormous outflow of dollars being spent on the government's perpetual wars. Without this balance, the value of the dollar would drop.

So, here we had the U.S. government illegally, via a third party, laundering drug money for the cartels.

If such laundering is still ongoing.is it any wonder that the senior bankers of these same banks are not being prosecuted for other crimes they have committed, since they have the government over a barrel with regard to this illegal money laundering. Plus, who knows what else the U.S. government is doing, via these banks, to prop up the dollar..


I haven't followed Irish politics in awhile, but last I heard, the Irish government was bullish on neoliberalism, even if working Irish weren't. Surprised they'd be the European country to jail a banker.

Well, good on them. Now if they could just shut Bono up.


Paul Craig Roberts recounted this in his article, Why Michael Hudson is the World’s Best Economist


The USA bankers should join them. They should be forced to print money for all the people they scammed.


This topic brought to mind an earlier Paul Craig Roberts article that helped explain to me much of the U.S.'s aggression toward Libya and the BRICS countries. This falls under the 'what else the U.S. government is doing, via these banks, to prop up the dollar'. Its conclusion is ominous.

Rigged Gold Price Distorts Perception of Economic Reality — Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler


Of the four known US POTUS candidates which one is most likely to jail banksters ?

Clinton won't

Johnson won't

Trump won't


And apparently no jet to park on a runway in which to receive former heads of state for a little small talk...or is that smell talk???


Its not just bankers that should be going to prison. What about that 26.5 BILLION dollar loan that Ford Motor took out exactly 1 year before the economy collapsed? Goldman gave Mark Fields and Bill Ford inside information that the CDS issue was going to crash the economy. Ford hired mallully as the "patsy'. Mullully "retired" exactly 7 years after the illegal loan thinking that the statute of limitations would cover his butt. Apparently the SEC and FBI are investigating this but what about the other 5.5 BILLION that they were given to develop electric cars? What about the 10 BILLION that GM still owes? By the way, I worked in China for GM. GM blew 100 BILLION setting up shop in China where they are the minority partner with the Red Chinese Army who owns ALL manufacturing in China. How will Clinton deal with the Chinese when she knows they OWN GM? My question is, how did we get from George McGovern to this farce? Right now we have the choice between a lying cheater and a cheating liar. Both make a mockery of Democracy and both will be the death of this nation.


I thought Michael Hudson would have made a great head of the FED or Treasury in the Sanders administration, or in any administration for that matter.


That would certainly upset some bankers...:relaxed:


America how corrupt thou art,
It would take two gods and partridges with pipe wrenches
to pry those unholy but still Gawd Almighty Dollars
from thy cold dead hands.

Jail The Banksters? By All Means No!
If they are imprisoned they would be absolutely corrupted
by all those kids of color imprisoned for partaking of the Other Green.


A combined eight and a half years for committing,
"the biggest accounting fraud in Irish corporate history." Be sure to let all the people rotting in jail for stealing food when they were starving that justice has finally been served to a few of the fat cats.


I was wondering why Iceland wasn't mentioned in the article...


That means Stein will. I'm voting for her.