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Unlikely Allies Unite Against Mass Surveillance


Unlikely Allies Unite Against Mass Surveillance

It’s not every day that you find the Free Press Action Fund, the ACLU, and the Committee to Protect Journalists joining forces with libertarian think tanks like the Competitive Enterprise Institute and R Street.

But those are exactly the kinds of strange bedfellows that united Wednesday to send a letter to the president, attorney general, leaders in Congress, the director of national intelligence, and the director of the NSA.


Alarming and disappointing that the ACLU would team up with Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales to fight for privacy, considering his cozy 2011 relationship with the Kazakhstan government, which was systematically replacing the Kazakh-language Wikipedia with a state-approved “official” version, page by page. Wales pledged $5,000 of his own money to that project! Not to mention, all of the spying on editors that Wikipedia’s “CheckUser” team does.