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'Unnerving': ICE Agents Carry Out Raids at Nearly 100 7-Elevens Across Nation


'Unnerving': ICE Agents Carry Out Raids at Nearly 100 7-Elevens Across Nation

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Top immigration official warns the blitz is "a harbinger of what's to come"



Why don’t they do something useful with their time?


Disruption of society and community is a key part of their overall program.

Atomized, stressed, and terrorized, we have less capacity to organize and strip their unjust power and wealth.


If and when ICE starts raiding large agribusiness and meatpacking industries in red states, they will get their chain jerked. Hard!

They would have made great Gestapo agents in another time, another place!




Immigration has become an industry and not a very nice one. Immigrants like Dreamers are caught in the middle. In this case none of the women were arrested, just the organizations conducting these operations.


They sure are looking more and more like the SA, aren’t they?


Yes they do. I don’t think people really understand how big this issue is or how it gets worse for people everyday.


“First they came for the immigrants…”.


Perhaps this raid on 7-Eleven is the first foray into the ownership class’s turf.

If someone who owns a dozen convenience stores does six months for knowingly hiring undocumented workers he can exploit as cheap labor, frankly, I’m cool with that. And if that owner happens to be a Trump supporter, well, that’s even better.


It is not just about ‘immigrants" though. This has been going on for a long time, but people have made business’ out of it. One hospital in the story I posted was underpaid for four hundred fraudulent services. These are not poor people looking for a better future. That is the real story in all this, legal immigration offers some protection. I always thought it was the widows and orphans first. times change.


I kind of agree with that. There is tons of corruption around this issue.


Yeah, I am cool with that also.


This is why Trump got so many votes. Many wondered why anyone would vote for him. Now we know. This and the Muslim ban.


THIS IS THE BIG LIE! illegal immigration can be stopped in its tracks in a day. ( no wall needed)Go after the people who employ illegal immigrants----say five years in jail and enforce it. Then there would be real immigration reform.–But the elite need their super cheap slaves.


That’s their job. “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” is the name of teh agency. If they would be doing something else they would be wasting taxpayer money.


You really think some corner seven eleven operator is the “ownership class”? This may affect the corporate level, but the direct impact is very low level and lower income communities. Not exactly a raid on the Country Clubs.


I cheer for the illegal immigrant. Every time.


Whereas illegal immigrants just go around building houses, harvesting crops, caring for children, cleaning up after us. All that useless stuff.


Well cheer on, 7 Eleven had to pay over 2 million dollars in back wages. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that illegal immigration cost my state 23 billion dollars last year.