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Unplanned Nuclear Reactor Shutdown Highlights Power Plant's Dangers



So there is a problem in the high voltage transmission line from the electrical generator to switching station and the reactor shut down automatically. What dangers are "Highlighted" by this? It appears that the "unplanned" response was exactly what the plant was designed to do in such an event.


Referred to as the "most dangerous" nuclear plant in the US, Indian Point is beyond its safe design limits and currently running without any renewal permit after its expiration. A history of leaks into ground water and the Hudson River, IP among other nuke plants, has repeatedly been granted lowered previously mandated safety standards and requirements by the Nuclear "Regulatory" Commission. The NRC is not in the business of protecting the public or environment, they exist entirely to protect the nuclear industry by any means needed including putting the surrounding public and NYC itself at risk!

ANY "accident" (its NOT an accident when the threat is recognized, it's corruption and criminal collusion!) at IP requiring evacuation of surrounding citizens would be a catastrophe and anyone not on the IP/NRC payroll knows it! Evacuation is NOT POSSIBLE!

The latest potential disaster at IP is the planned expansion of a 42" high-pressure fracked-gas pipeline to run thru the IP grounds adjacent to infrastructure. Approval for the AIM pipeline was granted based on false, incomplete and doctored/manipulated safety data, clearly not in the public interest and likely criminal! http://sape2016.org/






I am pretty sure that nuclear supporters are also Trump supporters as well as these folks seem to lack common sense.

We all know that profit rules. Car and truck makers use design and engineering to maximize their profit. To sell the car they offer a 100,000 mile warranty on certain major components. They know very exactly when parts will fail. They list exclusions in the warranty. So just about everyone knows a vehicle with an expired warranty is about secondary profit in sales of parts. Its not rocket science to spin a ball bearing, count the revolutions, and time it takes to wear out and freeze.

So where is the common sense in continuing to run a nuclear reactor beyond its designed life? Oh it is not common sense it is for profit at the expense of the surrounding community. One might say a big city. This event is number 5 for this year at IP #3. IP #2 this year had a brief power outage and had no lock on the loading crane jaws. As the crane was moving 10 fuel rods the power outage caused the jaws to open and the fuel rods fell to the bottom of the reactor. Oh well, profit you know, lock it down and increase the neutron bath to make it run hotter and keep up sales.

No doubt there could be grave danger to life and limb to drop 10 solar panels or a wind machine. Its common sense.




Nuclear plants and Earthquakes, are as dangerous as nuclear plants and tsunamis. They can't be put back back together again.