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'Unprecedented and Desperate': As Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty Nears Entry Into Force, Trump Administration Urges Withdrawals

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/21/unprecedented-and-desperate-nuclear-weapon-ban-treaty-nears-entry-force-trump


Oh man.
I hope that this treaty can be stopped.
I really wanted my own nuclear bomb to protect my family from the Proud Boys.
“The right to bear arms shall not be infringed”

[Seriously - just one more example on how totally Trump is messed up. The only positive thought is that Trump is such a laughing stock that the rest of the world will go along with the treaty.]


MAD, mutually assured destruction, pretty much was self-explanatory from its inception.

Avoiding Disaster
" Humanity now must concern itself with avoiding disaster. This disaster is under recognized and under appreciated by the people who should be looking at this: people in government, people in commerce, religious leaders, community leaders and so forth.

The disaster has to do with the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world—great environmental change, changing climate, violent weather, the loss of fundamental resources, the impact upon people and your ability to grow food, scarcity of water, growing economic hardship and instability, and the risk of nations going to war over who will have access to the remaining resources of the world.

This is not merely a possibility or a distant event. It is very close at hand. Great Waves of change, all converging at the same time, each one of which has the power to destabilize human civilization, but collectively together they create a situation unlike anything that the human family has ever had to face before. And they will impact each other, creating cross currents and unforeseen events.

This makes it very unpredictable how this situation will unfold. But it cannot be denied that humanity is heading towards a disaster, a disaster that will have a greater impact upon the world over time than any war that has ever occurred here."… --from the Teaching, Avoiding Disaster
from The New Message from God… to humanity.

DAM!..Destruction Assured Mutually…

Can our CIA overthrow 47 country’s governments at the same time? That’s a tall order, even for our proud forces of evil.


Trump is an isolationist by temperament - not just in political matters, but in his personal life and social interactions. Anything that involves connection, cooperation, compromise is seen as a threat or a weakness, and he recoils.

This move will hasten TEOTWAWKI, though Covid may have beat the bomb to it.

We really need another country to give up nuclear weapons like South Africa did. I realize their situation was unique - the weapons were under the apartheid government and they didn’t trust the ANC government that was coming, but it is still the only case not counting former soviet republics.

People of UK, France, or even India - are you enlightened enough to push for this in your country and succeed? We in the US have no chance to be an early voice of sanity.


What drove the development of this treaty, which flies in the face of the US modernization program initiated by Obama and continued by Trump? Hasn’t the US, under Trump, just cancelled a nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia?

The US should be stopped in its endless determination to dominate the globe by force. All of its misadventures have failed because no one likes to be bombed into bombed into submission. We haven’t created any free democracies like we pretend to be doing when we invade other oil and mineral rich countries.All we ever do is spread death, destruction and prolonged misery for nothing.


It would be interesting to watch the reaction 10 years after everyone gets rid of their weapons and someone (say China) announces that they have 100 nuclear warheads constructed in secret and demand unconditional surrender by all governments within 24 hrs. I’m sure a sternly worded resolution would make them see the error of their ways; after all it worked for Tibet and most recently for the Uyghers. Getting rid of nuclear weapons would require that all knowledge of how to build them be eliminated. sarcasm ON The other alternative is to have only the UN officials possess nuclear weapons, because we know they are immune to human foibles of greed and lust for power. sarcasm OFF

If, after 10 years, a Nation were to make such a threat, several other countries ( including the US) would announce " hey, we just remembered we have 100 nukes too". Thanks to military labs in US and USSR, the world never did quite eliminate smallpox…

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So now we can all agree that this whole ‘Ban the Bomb’ thing is just a waste of time? I feel this whole thing is just an effort to restrict who has bombs and who doesn’t. After all we couldn’t have invaded Iraq if they had nukes, right? China couldn’t attack Taiwan if they knew Beijing would cease to exist. When I see a country get rid of guns, not just for the civilians, but for their police and the military, then I’ll believe that getting rid of nukes is possible. Someone once said “Those that beat their swords into plowshares will be plowing for those who didn’t”

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Having seen the outcomes in Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, etc., as opposed to how North Korea has held the US at bay, I seriously doubt any country would make the first move to denuclearize before the US and other nuclear power imperialists do so.

I watch some videos about expats living in foreign countries. They describe a feeling of dislike of US Americans that they encounter. I can’t imagine why. Perhaps we need to bomb a few more of them to change their minds and show them what nice, humane people we really are.

So its China, a country that has never used nuclear weapons, who is to be feared, not the country that has used them twice?


Our pandemic makes clear that the last thing the Earth needs is nukes. They are not “weapons,” but self-annihilation devices, like the suicide belt. Only Death-Worshipers can love them, and Death-Worshipers abound. Nukes are in fact used routinely–to threaten and bully: this is the real reason nuclear powers want them so badly. Earth’s peoples must wrest these insane demonic devices from the hands of our sociopathic “leaders,” before the fireballs engulf the World. Continued Worship of Death can result in only one eventual outcome: Global Death, the final end of our species’ experiment on Earth.

That’s why I didn’t list Russia, China, North Korea, or Pakistan. I don’t think India is really worried about us but they would never give up before Pakistan. But UK and France have no reason to fear us and if their population is more rational than ours they will at some point realize these weapons are literally useless and cost money, invite accidents, and add to the environmental mess. Imagine the snub to the US the French people could make! I can hope can’t I?

Like almost all the war machine and the MICC, nuclear weapons are one of expensive - the most lucrative and wasteful; massive diversion of resources and intellect from civilian needs and priorities to gift the arms and associated war “industries” to create private and “investor” profits, stolen from society to build, maintain and expand all the associated delivery systems that rob trillions from society, people and sustainable planet - a festering atrocity in every aspect, and in the making - especially when governed/directed by delusional extremist, ignorant, pathological characters, like the poster-child donald trump, in every grotesque aspect of his odious being!

“Leaders” of the weakest and lowest moral convictions/beliefs, overt racism and supremacist minds, global political divisions, and the lobbying by the arms industry and its puppet politicians - via campaign-contribution and other bribery to continue the theft and crimes committed by such as trump & co - crimes against humanity - among other global players and tin-pot dictators supported by the likes of trump & co, who use conflict and war to cement their ugly corrupt power!

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relax dude, the treaty only applies to nation-states, if you can rig one together in your garage, you can go make your own green desert glass whenever you want to!!


Nah, even several people with a hundred nukes is better than several people with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons and reliable global precision delivery systems.

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