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'Unprecedented and Wrong': Pompeo Slammed for Plans to Address GOP Convention From Jerusalem

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/24/unprecedented-and-wrong-pompeo-slammed-plans-address-gop-convention-jerusalem

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He’ll probably speak from some location important to Christians, thereby telegraphing his Christianity to Trump followers and simultaneously disrespecting Muslims. Consistent with the views and practices of this execrable crowd.


Seems appropriate to address the RNC from the capitol of America.


Is that what Sheldon Adelson demaded along with the destruction of Iran for continued campaign funding? If anyone is still confused about what the conservatives stand for, please seek help.


You’re a bigot.

There is no question that Pompeo’s political speech from Jerusalem breaks the Hatch Act.

Let’s also note that blind support for Israel is bipartisan - check the Dem platform and its pro-Israel statements and anti-Palestinian, anti-BDS provisions.


This probably should not come as that great of a surprise since most Republicans as well as Democrats practically consider Israel to be the 51st state of the United States.


Well, at least he’s wearing a mask.

I’m from Kansas and remember when his “Pompeo for Congress” yards signs littered the landscape around here. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is living in a state where people are so ignorant or racist (or both) that they keep sending lowlife’s like pompeo to Washington, especially when they end up in cabinet positions like he and brownback did.

Another bee in my bonnet today is the other day NPR played another one of pompeo’s “Iran is the leading sponsor of state terrorism” speeches without even bothering to challenge this obviously false statement. It’s as if NPR has either become part of the propaganda wing of this government, or at the very least they are going overboard trying not to appear too “liberal”


You gotta admit this about Trump and his administration. They’ve stripped away all fake pretenses of the true reality of what the US Empire is all about; for all the world to see.

No wonder they want to get rid of him so badly.


This Ad Hominem is the self-confessed preferred way to handle criticism of anything particularly Jewish or Zionist, although the smear word usually used is “anti Semite”. It’s as if Jews can do no wrong, so any criticism must necessarily be motivated by bigotry, and therefore undeserved and reprehensible: a prominent current example would be the anti-BDS attacks.


Our nation’s government’s love affair with supporting “Zionist Oppression” is designed to make us all complicit with our votes.


No bottom of the barrel in sight yet with these sleaze bags, and there’s still more than 2 months to go. drumpf’s narcissism seems to be oozing out and become contagious among his minions, not that it wasn’t already there to a lesser extent. And if I didn’t know better, ha, it looks like all these psychopath leaders of the world are collaborating toward some kind of dictatorial world order. What’s going on makes me wonder if we’re approaching the moment in the movie “Ghost Busters” when the grid was shut down.
And, who are you going to call? Joe Biden, heavy sigh.


Excellent rebuttal! .


is that it “bigot” ??? how about anti-semite another one word to defend a complex subject?
Did you know our middle east policies are vetted and drafted by isreal.
Did you know isreal is on our “welfare” program paid for the american public.

So why so offended by calling jerusalem the capital of usa?


Because when you are politically ignorant as hell…THE TRUTH HURTS.


Just to make sure private citizen Pompeo ( addressing RNC in a non-official capacity ) doesn’t get confused by any conflicts; withdraw his entire gov’t security detail, every last one of them. Withdraw all IT; and basically, all other types of internet related security operations stuff.
Let Mr. Pompeo, the private guy, pay for Erik Prince or another organization like that to watch over him while he’s " politicking " from Israel.


The d-party is upset.
That they didn’t think of this first.


This may play out well with some of his voters, but it may actually do great harm.

A story yesterday claimed by the chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, that the RNC would foot the “bill” over Pompeo speaking at their convention from Israel, so check is in the mail. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.
This link is not the original, but it references the topic.



It also used to deflect from any meaningful discussion on the subject.

I read where Biden himself intervened to make sure the word “occupation” was removed from the DNC platform.

And people talk about Russian influence??