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'Unprecedented': Bernie Sanders Campaign Says It Raised $6 Million From 225,000 Donors in First 24 Hours

'Unprecedented': Bernie Sanders Campaign Says It Raised $6 Million From 225,000 Donors in First 24 Hours

Jon Queally, staff writer

In the 24 hours since Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont announced his 2020 run for president, his campaign on Wednesday morning reports that they were able to raise nearly $6 million from 225,000 individual donors across all 50 states.


My anal retentive brain went to math. We are talking about right around $27 per contribution. (Sound familiar?) The People are speaking the People’s aspirations using their means. People who give also show up to vote!


I am going to support Sanders this time around. Not because I like any of his foreign policy because I do not. At all. Not that he is anything close to perfect. He isn’t. But he is a damn sight closer to what I support than anyone else running or expected to run. And he does have a hint of a ghost of a chance to actually win…
But I am supporting him mostly because he scares the bejeebus out of the Democratic Party.
I want them scared. Even if they pull every dirty trick in the book to discredit him. And they will. Nothing riles up a cause like adversity and I believe the Dirty Dems deeds will have the riling up effect I hope for.
It took a hundred plus years for women to get the vote. It may take a long time but progressive policies are the only choice we have for any kind of survival. I may not live to see it but at least I know I have done my part to move things a smidge forward. Spouse and I just signed up to volunteer for the campaign here in PA.


Bernie: “20/20 Vision”


The “Trojan Horse” rises from the ashes of the 2016 election.


Who among us will buy another ticket on that "Hellbound Train."

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On the bright side, I’ll point out that a $27/pop grass roots funding model is a breath of fresh air compared to the corporate bribery we’ve seen for years.

Credit where credit is due. Just sayin.’ My favorite song of 2018? Thanks for asking:


Can’t help but comment on our Indigenous population, the Native Americans, who weren’t given the ‘right’ to vote until 1924, and even then it was 1962 before the last state, New Mexico, relented. And as recently as 2018 North Dakota’s supreme court ruled in favor of a new voting requirement that will undoubtedly prevent Native people from participating in our great democratic process of voting.


My wife and I donated many times at the $27 a pop rate as well as time and energy, only to watch the Progressive party destroy the old guy and his chances at greatness.

I must sound cynical, I know.

I was a registered Democrat for over 33 years, until the veil of apathy was lifted from my eyes.

We must look elsewhere for our salvation from the legalized corruption that the Duopoly has wreaked upon us all.


Yessir. That’s been my action plan for more than a decade.

Nice tune Tank. Little Lower Road I presume is the title?

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Best of luck with that Merf. My wife and I did so the last time around and swung a few over to seeing Bernie as the best alternative for the country.

Of course we all know how that went.

We too now reside in Pa.

After the past two years of utter madness 24/7 every day, it is somewhat exciting to see all of the choices we will have.

It might be wise to see how the party establishment reacts to the candidates before getting too gung-ho about any one individual this far out.

Shit will happen.

Hi Pony, As said in my comment I fully expect the Dem establishment to throw everything rotten they can at Sanders to snow him under! I expect them to deny him the Dim nomination at the Convention if he even gets that far. I put nothing past the corporate party.
What they fail to grasp is you can ridicule and dismiss the man but you cannot dismiss the ideas he espouses which have strong and growing stronger support. It’s those I will not give up supporting.


Go Bernie Go! Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Peace


In the future it may well be that many will step up to run for the presidency._ This will be the norm. Why so many people are going ape over it is absurd. How many Republicans ran in this last election? Lots. GW Bush and DJ Trump showed anything can win. The only thing these two had in common is name recognition. Bernie wins!!! Hooray!!!

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You sound like a ringer. What, did you think the needed change was going to happen overnight? Bernie is the Progressive Party.


Prior Things is the title, but that ‘little lower road’ lyric makes the tune intellectually intriguing.

So happy you enjoyed it. I always listen to the nuggets you post, some true classics.

Please explain what your comment means.


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Well said! Even though to me… Bernie has no chance in 2020, I support his ideas! And the corruption of the elites in the democratic, party cannot take that away from his acolytes.


It’s one thing to disagree. It’s another thing to not understand the point. You really don’t understand?

Bernie ended up sheep dogging most of his voters to supporting Hillary Goddamn Clinton in 2016.

He actually had a higher percentage of his supporters vote for her than the percentage of her supporters in 2008 who voted for Obama.

I can see how that could be described as a Trojan Horse.

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