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Unprecedented Bleaching Event Portends Mass Death of World's Coral Ecosystems


Unprecedented Bleaching Event Portends Mass Death of World's Coral Ecosystems

Nika Knight, staff writer

The world's oceans are enduring the longest-lasting and most widespread coral bleaching event ever recorded, according to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

And the massive bleaching event is predicted to get even worse—extending into a third, unprecedented year.


We shout to the deniers that time is short but what if that time has already passed?

As bad as it is, it may actually be much worse than we think it is!

Keep that thought in mind as you go about your day.

It may be nuch worse than we think it is!

Did they predict this to happen to corals as quickly as it has? No! Our scientificc ability lags behind the rate of environmental destruction. We simply may not be able to predict how long it will take or rather let me rephrase...

We seem unable to predict how short a time it will take!!


"It's time to shift this conversation to what we can and are doing to conserve these amazing organisms in the face of this unprecedented global bleaching event," said the director of NOAA's coral reef conservation program, Jennifer Koss.



"What we can do" is natural carbon sequestration through billions of humans PLANTING AND NURTURING TREES; DISMANTLING HIGHWAYS to RESTORE ECOSYSTEM INTEGRITY; and COMPOSTING, SOIL BUILDING, and AGROECOLOGY / PERMACULTURE to produce food.

Yes, i am shouting.


Anytime I naively start feeling optimistic about human behavior and what capitalism is doing to our life support system, a slap to the senses like this straightens me right out.


I know, let's beg Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, and others who are already saving our seeds from extinction in Norway's Doomsday Vault, let's have these, the fine, the magnanimous wealthy, build us an aquarium ark for coral, two by two.

Let's build it in Disney World and charge admission. I'm telling you what, this coral bleaching thing could be an excellent business opportunity.


Why bother? The next US president is a global warming denialist who has stated he will abolish the EPA, discontinue all the tax incentives for renewable development and remove all impediments to fossil fuel development.


Tragically brilliant comment. And thanks for calling out the corporate seed vault that will supposedly "save humanity" after capitalist extractivist climate chaos and corporate monoculture clobber us...


F**k the fossil fuel industry, F**k the right wing, F**k the GOP, F**k WallStreet, F**k the US inadequate educational system, F**k the Bible thumpers, F**k the willfully uninformed, F**k anyone who votes Republican, F**k the lobbyists and all the a$$hole congressmen that take their F**king money, F**k climate change deniers, F**k all the selfish pr*cks who know better but profit from our f**ked up system, F**k John Thune, Lamar Smith, James Inhofe, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Joni Ernst, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Louis Gohmert, Rick Scott, Marcia Blackburn, Steve King, Trey Gowdy, James Sensenbrenner, Rand Paul and every other gd ignorant SOB that denies climate change, just F**k, F**k, F**k. All these f**king a$$holes are destroying mankind and making me so scared for the future of my grandchildren!!!!! As a country we CAN change this policy and leave hope for the future but these a$$holes won't allow us. I am so so sad, so pissed off, so sorry for our descendants. I want to cry.


i hear you loud and clear. How do we effectively harness our rage and outrage? Blessings to you.


I know and I feel the same rage. I cried like a baby in the Spring of 1988 when I was a sophomore in college. Climate Change was just becoming news every week... unlike today where it's DAILY news with new updates and horrific findings. Anyhow, I saw all of this coming down the pipe and knew that nothing would be done until it was too late. I didn't learn of Near Term Human Extinction by 2050 until more recently. But back then, I knew it was going to be a challenge for Humanity to stop runaway warming. I believe we passed the last exit for Hope several miles back. I saw a large group of children visiting my office today. They were outside frolicking on the grounds in the sun and all I could think was that they have a very difficult and ugly future coming. I'm not even sure they'll live to see their 50th birthdays....


I remember reading an article a year or so ago. Apparently someone who had been at a meeting of major oil company executives had witnessed it.
* One of their own scientists put together a dog and pony show proving that continued and accelerated use of carbon fuels, oil, gas and coal, would lead to the end of the human race and civilization as we know it.
* When he finished, he packed up his gear and left the room.
* There was a minute or two of silence, then one of the execs said, "OK, so the end of the world is coming. Now, how can we profit from that?"


Monday, here in a suburb of Los Angeles, as the fires raged in the hills to the north of us, it was 111 degrees Farenheit.


There is no benefit whatsoever to a change in sea level for corals. Corals exist within a short range of depth for various species while reef corals if submerged to a greater depth would lose some viability at the lower depths a se level rise of six feet would be relatively unnoticeable.

You conflate sea level rise with increased temperature perhaps? Increased temperature which is clearly the point if you had read the article is the problem and a rise in sea level is utterly irrelevant.


Sapient is a misnomer for you. You are totally confused and misinformed my friend.


Apparently the North Pole disappearing in roughly a half century which has never happened ever is no big deal and junk science. It is amazing how those environmentalists phonies can take the melting of a whole ice cap like they are doing, right? Everything is like a trick, right? Satellite pictures too! Everything is a trick to fool people because ...um? Because ...um...well why would the scientists around the world all want to fake stuff tang way?

I am sure in your wisdom and in light of your prodigious research proving scientific measurements are wrong that you will explain why scientists from every country in the world agree but YOU don't! Obviously you know best because you have proof and are not just some fool who values their own opinions more than scientific evidence. That would be insane or at the very least a sign of a disturbed personality unable to distinguish reality from their own fantasy projections.


Right. It seems anywhere you turn...I am certainly not knowledgeable about climate change but I do wonder about the effects of the Fukushima meltdown on the atmosphere and climatology. We know it kills massive amounts of fish and causes deformities amongst them...surely there are effects on other things in the oceans. Do the scientists study this? If they do they aren't saying because officially, it's not a hazard-but it is killing things.