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'Unprecedented': Chicago Teachers, Workers Strike for Public Funding


'Unprecedented': Chicago Teachers, Workers Strike for Public Funding

Nika Knight, staff writer

Chicago's public school teachers are marching in the streets on Friday, calling on local and state officials to increase revenue not only to schools but to public services citywide—and they're joined by an astonishing upswell of support, as fast food workers, transit workers, higher education professionals, community groups, and others joined in the day of action.


I hope this will be a dagger into the heart of the neocon policy of the massive theft of public funds and resources since that fucking clown Reagan put in motion for which we the working class pay with our hard earned taxes. We must fight hard to reverse this public fleecing trend set in motion by the damn terrorist capitalist anti American and unpatriotic neocon sons of bitches like Obama and Ram Emanuel.


And then there is the privatization cabal / mafia dba: ALEC

Cashing in on Kids: 172 ALEC Education Bills Push Privatization in 2015


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Even if Rahm Emanuel, or the Illinois state government, or even the federal government, wanted to do something about this (they don't), they couldn't without reversing the entirety of the neoliberalist project.

To really understand what's going on, and to understand why Hillary will be jammed down your throat like it or not, and why your life will get harder until revolution or collapse, start here:


Way to go Chicago. Now if the whole Country would just join in.


For What It's Worth:

"What a field-day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for our side"

It's a movement!


Emanuel should be investigated and impeached for his crimes.
Since when do leaders leave children to be attacked by rats and be subjected to poison water?


It's more like decades of fascism by the party of big government and debt republicans.


No matter what happens next, it's superb that other public employee Unions are joining the teachers' strike in solidarity.

Even if only a one-day strike, they are challenging the established limits of organized labor solidarity in the USA, and that is exactly what is needed.