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'Unprecedented' Heatwave Fueling Arctic Fires Made More Than Twice as Likely by Climate Change: Analysis

The two dynamics are on a collision course…the drive to expand and maximize fossil fuel use and the rapidly worsening climate change crisis…maybe human beings are terminally stupid and self destructive…there is very little anymore that makes sense.


OH NO, we did nothing about this Extinction Event and now we’re all gonna DIE!!


Oh, hush, now. Haven’t you heard? There’s water on Mars! We’re gonna be just fine…


These Arctic fires blacken the tundra and coat ice sheets with smoke on their tops, causing the permafrost and ice sheets to absorb solar heat and melt. At least one teraton of greenhouse gases (methane and CO2) could get out rather quickly, driving the greenhouse gas number from its current 410 ppm to about 1000 ppm. The Arctic meltdown, if we don’t do anything, could cause most of all of our grandchildren to starve to death, or to die from various complications thereof.

Humanity isn’t quite that stupid, not even most of the commie dupes if you really explain it to them. So, a few members of humanity are going to build prototype wind-powered artificial snowmaking machines that will coat the tundra with snow in late spring and in early fall, putting nature back the way it used to be. Then somebody is going to build a prototype floating wind-powered pump that pumps seawater up above the Arctic ice in 40 below zero temperatures. Ice crystals form in the exposed seawater and the residual brine sinks back into the ocean through cracks in the ice.

Then some brave nation, Sweden for example, is going to deploy 100 of these gadgets to see if it changes the albedo of a small section of the Eaarth. Then the world will pony up about $1 billion per year, in perpetuity, to keep a steady lid on the Arctic until we can get the carbon dioxide number back below 300 parts per million.


Pumps and snowmaking machines are going to stop the arctic melting? That made me laugh out loud. Commie dupes? What does that even mean?


Well i was going to say i wanted some of whatever he took.


He didn’t reduce offshore drilling enough in the Gulf. The Deepwater Horizon blowout was under his watch, and a lot of detrimental crap was swept under the rug. I think the Dem vs Repug issue on the environment really depends on who is writing the checks. Overall you’re right, but again it’s who’s writing the checks.

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Great videos. Doesn’t look too good for us. Today in paris they had hailstones!!!

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One thing we can do in the US is join the climate events on Sept 8 to get more action at the state and local level. More states need to have renewable energy mandates for utilities and even states that already have them need to tighten up the requirements so utilities are actually producing more renewable energy and not just giving the appearance of doing so. Also, it is important to work for state programs to increase the purchase of EVs and other actions that will reduce emissions. The number of actions that reduce emissions seem endless and some only make a small difference but if done on a wide scale can add up. And perhaps nothing would be more effective than getting Republicans out of office at all levels and particularly the federal and state levels. No matter what state you live in you will probably find at the state level it is the Republicans who are blocking action. And with Republicans nationwide fearing going against Trump this probably is even more true than in the past. There is no one key to fighting change but defeating Republicans who are running for office certainly is one critical factor to get action.

Well, look at it this way: when humans die off, everything will turn back to normal.

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You keep posting this false information. There is no science to back it up. You might as well say that aliens invaded the ice caps.

Why don’t you spend your time actually reading, or watching videos, about climate science and educate yourself?

There are lots of great videos, from National Geographic and other respected science journals on YouTube from scientists who have studied this for decades.

Geoengineering is not real. Posting pictures of jet contrails is not proof of geoengineering.

Educate yourself about the science of climate. It’s actually interesting and not that difficult to learn.

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I actually looked this up because I wondered the same thing. Are there other species that self destruct, and the answer is yes.

There are two ways that I found. One is habitat overshoot. Some species just do not know when to stop breeding and they overshoot the resources.

The other is sometimes caused by stress. If an environment becomes painfully stressful, some animals will self destruct, by chewing on themselves, or some other method.

So yes, humans are not unique in this behavior. However, what is really odd is that we know this, we can change our breeding habits and change the consumer habits, but instead we double down and keep going, gleefully, as long as the stores are full of bright colorful stuff, and as long as people can have kids and live the dreams of “family values.”

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“Commie dupes” is a reaction to recent newspaper headlines. I’ve been laughed at before when I was right. It’s going to take on the order of one million gadgets to restore the Arctic’s albedo. This won’t be dirt cheap, except relative to the meltdown it’s pretty cheap.

Will everyone get a pony as well?

None of this has any science behind it. Yes, the carbon is landing on the snow causing it to melt quicker. Other than that everything you said is total fantasy.

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The idea that these high tech gadgets will simply appear out of nowhere is how we got into this mess in the first place. People mistake sci fi with science.

Gadgets require energy and resources, which will require fossil fuels, or some other energy source not yet invented. Even if you run solar and wind those require resources. They are not made out of fairy dust.

To geoengineer on such a massive scale would require technology that does not exist, and there is no science showing the secondary effects of such projects. Okay you white snow on the dark snow. Then what happens? There are species living in that snow.

Ecology has rules. One of those rules is, you can not do one thing. Everything is linked together.

Stopping the use of fossil fuels right now will mean that for the next many hundreds of years the CO2 will still be there and will be changing the habitat. You can’t just make that go away. That damage is done.

There is one thing people can do voluntarily to help the situation.

Stop having children.

Sorry discover, I BEG to differ. I know people who do it. It is science. It is done. I have seen it done.

Like who shot Kennedy, like any number of hush-hush topics around these days, enforcers abound, trying to keep weather modification under wraps. So sorry, can’t say more. Be faithful if you wish, believe it ain’t so. I’m sure you mean well. Who is doing it? Why? Lots of good reasons, like giving farmers rain. As usual with money some not so good reasons.

The thing is, heating up is a whole lot easier than cooling off. You can’t go get cool energy. It all requires heat, cooling or heating things.

Show me the science. You know people? Which people?

I know people too who say all sorts of crazy things. That doesn’t make it real.

Show me the science.

Paranoia is not science.

I am really glad folks are working on these things, much more real than talking about sending us all to Mars. But the heating actions will also have to stop also in order to move forward.

You did not show me the science. Therefore I can only conclude you’re making things up.