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'Unprecedented' Lofoten Declaration Demands Managed Decline of Fossil Fuel Industry


'Unprecedented' Lofoten Declaration Demands Managed Decline of Fossil Fuel Industry

Julia Conley, staff writer

As climate scientists stress that climate change has contributed to the enormous size and strength recent storms including Hurricane Irma, which has killed at least ten people in the Caribbean and left the island of Barbuda "uninhabitable" as it heads toward Florida, a coalition of more than 220 organizations called for a "managed decline of fossil fuel production" on Thursday, with an immediate end to new oil, gas, and coal development.


Good to see leaders in countries like Norway, taking action, but do not see much hope for the US with our corrupt leadership who have sold out to the fossil fuel industries, like Trump, Rex, Palin and so many other climate deniers.


Since when has the US government followed the advise of ‘scientists’? Frankly, I think it is likely that armed insurrection will be necessary to make any forward progress in this country. Instead, TPTB are looking back at the ‘good old days’. Anything that threatens to burst their bubble of denial will be harshly put down. Remember Occupy?

Given the reluctance of our ‘leaders’ to give any legitimacy to climate change, it will ultimately be up to us to ensure the survival of our species - if there is time.


About 40 years too late but … better late than never, eh?


Of course, foolish irrational humans make no mention of Zero Population Growth.
It will happen anyways, but much more horribly if not anticipated.


My sentiments exactly.  We’ve probably already passed the ‘tipping point’, but it doesn’t hurt to try . . .

Zero Population Growth won’t cut it – there are already three or four times more humans than Mother Earth can support, or Mother Nature tolerate, long term.  We need NEGATIVE Population Growth, i.e. serious Population REDUCTION – one child per family – for several generations if most species – including our own – are to sur­vive beyond the next century or two.


And overconsumption, as in consuming way over what is needed to survive in wealthy countries such as the US??


Absolutely correct. The DC Posse under 45 is so heavily invested in BIG OIL that they will resist any hint of planning better for the future. We are out of the Paris Accord and Global Warming is forbidden mention. In FL the Governor will not allow it to be mentioned either. We should be KING of solar.


I am pleased to confirm that meat can be dropped from one’s diet like plastic bags from an old memory.


Talk is cheap. To drive the wooden stake through the coffin we need research, product development and ramping up of the medium-hanging fruit.

The low-hanging fruit is all taken, because companies could see an immediate profit. We need to research out on the edge where (dumb, unthinking) companies fear to tread.

We need buildings with solar heat storage. Solar is free and heat storage is dirt-cheap if you’re using dirt as the heat storage medium.

Note: burning wood instead of fracked natural gas is somewhat problematic, although it might make you feel personally good to get off fossil fuel. If everybody burned prime wood we’d have lots of smoke, all that carbon would be returned to the air and the price of lumber would go up.

We need renewables-based electricity supply at night and on cloudy/windless days.

We don’t just need electric cars, we should aim for a new above-grade transit network. If a gondola car can navigate two cables and if that gondola car can plug into a commuter train for the trip into the city, then your rush hour becomes way easier and lifetime energy costs for the new transit system are 90% less than for the old gasoline and twelve lane freeway system.

Don’t just make the demand, manage the project! For starters, which philanthropy is going to put up some boodle? Oh, I’m sorry, they’re all doing cute things with cute kids. We’re burning up our children’s inheritance.


Canadian tar sands scare the crap out of me, we had to fight the Obama administration to stand firm against tar sands oil pipelines and rail road transportation as well as r=tar sand refineries in Texas and Louisiana. However Trump has proven to be our worst nightmare when it comes to fracking and other oil/gas extraction and international transportation via pipeline and railroads. I would like to know how we can form a powerful force made up of ordinary grassroots members to fight the BIG OIL now. Don’t ask me for money but as how we can boycott, march on streets, take action through civil disobedience and business as usual ignoring the rapid deterioration of our planetary pollution…


No cost to themselves??!!!
We’ve been subsidizing the fossil fuel industry for decades. We pay the clean-up costs of their messes. And the cost to our health, the contamination of our water and air and land and property values can’t even be measured it’s so great.
We’ve already paid, and continue to pay, and will pay the ultimate price with the health of our species, and planet, if we don’t shut the criminals down.
You carry the ‘freedom of capitalism’ to an extreme.
They should not be free to condemn the entire planet.