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Unprecedented Number of US Drone and Air Strikes Hit Yemen


Unprecedented Number of US Drone and Air Strikes Hit Yemen

Jessica Purkiss and Jack Serle, TBIJ

In an unprecedented intensification of America’s counter-terrorism operations in Yemen, the US has confirmed it carried out 20 strikes across three central provinces.


This is obscene! And you and I are partly at fault, for voting these guys in.
Think about that next time you go to the polls and even more so, if you don't.


Yet another country being " bombed into the stone ages "
You can bomb the world to pieces but you can't bomb it into peace


And our 'leaders' adamantly refuse to learn that lesson.


Wars and more wars, for what? Cui bono?

Progressives are fond of saying: WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER!
But for the American, military, dictatorship, it has been and will continue to be the answer. Trump thinks it is the answer; Congress thinks it is the answer; armament, war profiteering companies think it is the answer; and millions of brainwashed, Americans think it is the answer, that have been fed so much BS by the war profiteers and fear mongers, of so many enemies in foreign countries.

America has spent billions and billions of $ on wars, to no avail, because nothing ever changes and it never will! Isn't that the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result? If American war mongers and war profiteers had no enemies, they would have to manufacture them. And unfortunately....that is exactly what they do!


I hate to criticize those people who are finally raising their voices against the government after being silent for 8 years under President Obama. But, thousands of drone assassinations and that includes against innocent civilians, huge banking bailout, jailing whistleblowers, seven wars, massive deportations and global surveillance all occurred under his administration too.

We see the same people, who deplore how the immigrants are treated in the US, actively supporting the colonial war against Syria, violent US foreign policies against Latin American nations, demonization of Russia and so on.

Whats obscene is a vote for Hillary wouldn't have changed much. She just would have made us feel better because the MSM and Deep State would have supported her every move and she would sell these policies in a nicer manner. Trump is just a distraction or perhaps a reset in the system but in the end he is just continuing the same policies we have seen since the early 80's no matter who has been in office. He will just use a heavier boot than Hillary.


And so our 'heroes' attack another defenseless country. Salute the flag, parade the troops, bully America is on the loose again. The real war criminals are in the Pentagon.


Our defense dollars at work.