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'Unprecedented': Poll Shows Half of Republicans Would Reject Clinton Win


'Unprecedented': Poll Shows Half of Republicans Would Reject Clinton Win

Nadia Prupis, staff writer


To be sure, Trump is a reason Republicans won't trust a Clinton win and Republicans tend to be obsessively paranoid about voter fraud, anyway, but the Democrats only fed that paranoia with the way they ran their own primary. They didn't exactly set an example of a an open and fair election in the way they rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.


ADD THE REPUBLICANS +BERNIE SANDERS GROUP AND THAT IS A LOT OF PEOPLE,,,,but reality is reality,,,,,but the midterm election may be the decider


Liberals arm yourselves.



If 70% of Republicans reject a Hillary presidency and the Left joins them, Hillary's presidency will be stillborn.

Early voting:
In Florida 55% of the early voters are women.
In North Carolina 87 thousand Democratic women have already voted compared to 60 thousand Republican women.
In Georgia 5% more women have voted then men so far.

"Women; can't live with them, can't live without them."

Vote for Jill Stein.


This is rich: the premature complaints are coming from the same party that has committed massive electoral fraud through voter disenfranchisement in past elections and backs voter exclusion still, and been favored by the owners of the Diebold machines in Republican-controlled states (Florida, Ohio) in 2000.


Well yes, internal DNC fraud could only feed that concern among Trump followers.


The reason for it is Trump, Atkeson added. "It has to be the candidate effect."

Oh, it has nothing to do with the fact that the DNC did rig the primary election for Clinton and that she is a liar, a thief, a fraud and a war monger by her own admission. Once a election is rigged then all elections are rigged. The trust has been violated and to reset that is extremely difficult if not impossible. I despise Trump but Clinton is all I said previously so why the surprise? Vote honest, vote what you feel and for me that means voting Green.


He saw, and commented on, a myriad set of tricks used to rig the primaries against Bernie. He is correct in stating that the MSM is totally against him--yes, they are campaigning on behalf of Clinton. Before the nomination, pundits and party insiders were coming up with all sorts of plots to reject a majority of Trump delegates and to change by-laws to avoid his nomination, even at the last moment.

And now you're saying he's whacko for claiming the general election will likely be rigged?


Both wings of the Democrat/Republican Party are taking unfounded conspiracy theories as fact.

Democrats are promoting unfounded claims that there is a Russian conspiracy to sway the US elections through such actions as 'weaponization' of WikiLeaks. Republicans are promoting unfounded claims that there is a conspiracy to 'rig' the US elections through voter fraud.

The reality is that US elections are rigged. By perpetuating an electoral process that is founded on candidates ability to buy campaign infrastructure and advertising, unavailable to third party candidates, and the ability to participate in debates, put on by a private Democrat/Republican enterprise, the US elections are rigged to ensure the exclusion of third party candidates.


We have electronic voting machines that can be easily hacked without leaving a trace. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/rigged-presidential-elections-hackers-demonstrate-voting-threat-old-machines/

We have vote tabulators whose software programs include "weighted vote" capacity. "...software code running various election systems used across the USA permits weighted voting. This code is a default setting used to change the value of a vote (1) to a fraction. For instance, a vote for candidate X can be set at .75 while allocating the value 1.25 to candidate Z." http://www.defendthevote.com/hava-complaint-and-electronic-voting/507-illinois-general-counsel-of-elections-acknowledges-illinois-uses-fractionalized-voting

Our courts have ruled that the source code on the voting machines and tabulators is "proprietary," so there is no way to verify the voting results. The 2000 election was stolen and the 2004 election was stolen. http://www.democracynow.org/2016/2/23/could_the_2016_election_be_stolen

There is no reason to think that 2016 will be different:

"You cannot verify an electronic voting machine. They are privately owned by private corporations, and the proprietary software prevents the public from getting access to the actual vote count. We’re going into a national election, and not just the presidency, but Senate seats, House seats. We believe three Senate seats in 2014 were stolen—in North Carolina, Colorado and Alaska—that the Republicans do not have a legitimate 54-seat, or whatever it is, majority in the Senate. And this will happen again. It’s not just the presidency." http://www.democracynow.org/2016/2/23/could_the_2016_election_be_stolen


Look, at this point, the only thing left to do after voting for Dr. Stein is to stop at the grocery store and get some popcorn to watch the rest of this cartoonish spectacle. I wonder what percentage of the American people actually understand that this election is a grand national embarrassment?

Holy Shmoley


I disagree that Trump is the reason for doubt about fairness in elections. Yes, he has fed into it but he didn't start it. Obviously, both parties tamper with elections or we wouldn't have gotten GWBush. We have Clinton running instead of Bernie Sanders and I do believe he would have won.
Across this country there is an awakening to the corruption that has taken over the US.
I know most people have heard by now about the rigged primary. The ruse of the Oligarchy is being exposed and there days are numbered.


...never seen an election like this in my life..." And you may never see one quite like this twisted circus. We are in for some very challenging times ahead of us, to say the least.
Trump world and Hillary world are scary places to be in, and we all have reserved seating, like it or not.


Good point. My thought on this is what happened with Sanders was more like election fraud, how they discounted him to make him look bad, such as the PBS interview with Judy Woodruff, she tried to make him look like a loose canon. The whole Super Pac thing was highly suspect. Voter fraud would be like changing the actual voting results of the people, having dead people vote, illegals voting, ect.. North Carolina claims early voting could cause a dead person to vote if they passed before the actual election, really! The fact that there is enough of this going on that would actually change the peoples voting count to one candidate seems extremely unlikely. https://www.brennancenter.org/issues/voter-fraud. Shame on the Republicans for promoting this Trump hysteria, and only excepting the results if he wins, sounds like a spoiled brat in the sandbox. The Repubs should also look themselves in the mirror and see what they have done with gerrymandering to throw the weight their way such as their representation in the house. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/05/15/americas-most-gerrymandered-congressional-districts/. This election has brought out the worst in our country, sad case..


By "reject" what exactly do you have in mind. Armed uprising? And, do you really think the left could possibly ally itself with Trump supporters? You do know that they vigorously and even violently reject everything the left stands for, don't you?


Why can't we cast our votes by charging our credit cards a token amount per vote?

If we can bank online, why not vote online?

What is safer, voting online with encryption or using voting machines and mail in ballots?


I agree with you on all points except for the comment about fraud concerns of both wings of the Dem/Repub Party. It is the center-right part of the Dem party that is claiming a Russian conspiracy, not the liberal/progressive wing.


"Conspiracy theories" start with credibility. By in the case of Putin, I would be amazed that he is not trying to sway the election through surreptitious means(and hacking/dumping stuff on the neutral wikileaks is a gerat way to do it), as the US has tried to sway elections in other countries. So aside from a black pot/kettle problem, I really don't see anything remarkable about this accusation


Maybe it is the Clinton derangement syndrome. Many of these Republicans are probably Rush Limbaugh listeners or listen to other right wing talk shows and are the same people who did not believe that the ozone hole was caused by CFCs or that global warming is mainly caused by greenhouse gas emissions from human sources. A large percentage probably don't believe in Darwinian evolution. So after being told by the right wing news sources that the Clintons have committed all types of illegal acts only to have government investigations conclude they did not do anything illegal, why would it be expected that these people would accept the votes of the election if Hillary Clinton wins?