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'Unprecedented' Rainfall and 'Catastrophic' Flooding Devastate the Gulf Coast


'Unprecedented' Rainfall and 'Catastrophic' Flooding Devastate the Gulf Coast

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With at least five reported dead after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Gulf Coast earlier this weekend, Texas residents are expected to continue battling "unprecedented" rainfall and life-threatening, "catastrophic" flooding for several days.


As the earth warms and the ability of the air to hold moisture gets greater, these deluges are going to be common place.
We should get Inhofe to move to Houston, and ask him to get a house in the lowest locations.

When the price tag for this clean up comes, will we still feed the war machine?
Will the human beings who suffer from this catastrophe be divided by the national border?
Will Trump call out those asking for survival by their race?
Does Ivanka provide better sex when the orange monkey spews hate?


The difference between people talking about how climate change will continue to get worse as years go by…

…and the reality of how climate change affects some areas much harder and earlier than others.

You have to wonder whether there are Republicans and conservatives standing neck deep in flood waters waiting to be rescued and yet still denying the reality of climate change?


Knowing that this was on the way they kept the checkpoints open and were checking peoples’ legal documents as they tried to evacuate. Undocumented human beings had to decide to risk deportation or face death by hurricane. The inhumanity we have defended into is something horrible to really look at.


Answers: no, yes, yes, yes and doubtful.:joy::flushed:


if anyone can toss a few bucks into the kitty for assistance to our brothers and sister (and my neighbors!) right now, anything helps.

huffpo finally comes in handy:

Thanks for considering it.


Just to clear out any doubts:
This has absolutely nothing to do with global warming or the burning of fossil fuels!

How do I know?

Because our great leader with the orange fizz on top of his head says so!
He has never, ever been wrong in his own mind.


Well thank you for engaging!!


I am sure the GOPers of Texas will not be asking Washington for any of that nasty federal money.


The continual distraction of bashing Trump has left progressives - once again - completely irrelevant in mounting real responses to climate change, such as organizing aid for the massive human and environmental consequences to this event that is clearly heightened by global warming. Instead, Texans are left at the mercy of Trump, Abbot and Exxon while lib/progs add crocodile tears to the massive flooding and historical rainfalls.


Do Bibles work as flotation devices? Can the Republican Texas Congressional delegation call for 1% er and Corporate tax cuts and not be taken outside and ( Texas-style ) horsewhipped? Can they vote for cutting back FEMA-funding ( which they did ) and say big, librul guvment is worse than Satan? Which some of their sanctimonious and hypocritical preachers do consistently. Damn you!
Having been through, done business in ( Port Arthur, McClelland and Houston ) and lived ( San Antonio ): these places are virtually beaches and wetlands. Flat as hell, really. And, my heart goes out to all the people who are going to be affected by this. They’re broke as hell. In more ways than one.
However, does the general public understand what it means, % wise, when they live on a 100 year flood plain? ( 10% chance of flooding in any given year ). How about a 500 year flood plain? Sheila Jackson Lee just said it’s a 1000 year event ( that’s two in twenty years, btw ) Take a guess SJL, please. You’re killing and robbing poor and middle-class folks by doing this, yet again. It’s just wrong.
Who in their right minds would let real estate developers and general contractors build ( and rebuild ) in these flooded and devastated areas. They are now accessories to crimes, imo. Just sayin’. Sorry, but if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crimes, rich Texans.


Annnnd … Duh-bya’s in his shower busy painting pictures of himself … while the prictator is cheering him on!


And then push to get the prictator to move in next door!!!:thinking::rofl::thinking:


In the country which Trump just pulled out of the Paris climate accord, thousands of Texas climate refugees needing rescue and resettlement, by the US Coast Guard and FEMA.

To quote Alanis Morrisette, “Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think.”


Well, as I have so often written, “Mother Nature is coming and BOY is She pissed!”


Absolutely a case of poor development. I lived in Houston in the mid-seventies. A big flood they had then was just considered normal, where watermarks on a bus were at mid-window level,and people parked on highway overpasses. Houston is topographically a big dinner plate, depressed in the center. A natural swamp land, wet areas have been continuously drained and built upon while sending water into inadequate channels. Our school, William Marsh Rice University, was fondly called William Rice Marsh for the drainage issues it has had since its inception.
I helped dry out friends in one home whose new elegant neighborhood was. entirely submerged as soon as it was built.
Developers in other states I have lived in have actually helped to create flooding conditions by taking traditional ponds along a river and draining them in order to sell more lots.
Don’t blame the hurricane. Blame the developers and the city’s historically poor planning.


It’s a national disgrace. And, it’s everywhere. The developer pays for all remediation, should be the rule. How’s the average Joe & Judy suppose to know all that the bankers ( lenders ) and developers know, when the permitting, etc. is being discussed. It stinks of corruption and … So it goes.


Trump is aiming to set up a fascist white nationalist state. Progressives need to bash him as much as possible. So should people more toward the center. So should moderate Republicans. So should anybody who cares about saving the country from a white supremacist tyrant.

It doesn’t seem to me that this catastrophic storm has that much to do with global warming. The main problem is that there is no weather system pushing it out of the Houston area. It is circulating nearly in place and continuously picking up moisture from the Gulf. In other words, it has stalled for several days and continues to produce heavy rain.


Well said.


Newsweek reports that the requirements Obama put in place for infrastructure to be located on higher ground was rescinded a couple of weeks ago. Part of Trump’s streamlining of infrastructure projects.[https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-rescinded-obama-apos-flood-192411209.html]