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'Unprecedented Situation' in Brazil as Number of Cases of Virus-Linked Birth Defect Explode


'Unprecedented Situation' in Brazil as Number of Cases of Virus-Linked Birth Defect Explode

Health officials in Brazil have warned of an "unprecedented situation" and are even urging women in some states to avoid getting pregnant as they've linked a rise in babies born with a serious birth defect to a mosquito-borne viral disease.

The virus in question is Zika , which is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which also carries dengue and chikungunya.


“In 2007, (Zika) infected nearly three-quarters of Yap
Island's 11,000 residents. In 2013, Zika showed up in Tahiti and other parts of
French Polynesia and was responsible for making an estimated 28,000 people so
ill they sought medical care.”

The obvious question here, in trying to establish a link
between the infection and microcephaly, is whether or not these other affected
populations experienced the same increase in the birth defect.

Did they?


This just scare mongering from epidemiologists.
There is absolutely no problem here.
Global Warming would never result in something like this.
Problem Solved.


Didn't Monsanto release some mosquito's there ?


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Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering. It is true that some companies are Engineering Mosquitos to be used as delivery vehicles. This is fact; not sure if it is Monsanto or another company, but it is true. Think about it, we humans use needles to deliver vaccines. Mosquitos are naturally designed to insert their "needle" to obtain blood, and in effect to delivery other contents of their payload. And with the help of human genetic engineering, mosquitos can be re-designed to deliver vaccines or genes of our choosing "naturally"...these could be vaccines, birth control meds, etc.... We are engineering GMO plants, GMO insects, GMO fish, etc.

Global Warming will increase the range further of all insects, thus increasing the spread of disease and the emergence of Pandemics.
This is the New World into which we are emerging. It is not the end of the world, but the Emergence of a New World and New Reality. (The Global Emergency; M.V. Summers).


In your experience do epidemiologists engage in scaremongering much? Global warming is altering the range of diseases like dengue fever by permitting their vectors to spread. As a poster noted, dengue fever has reached much further north than normal and there is great concern that invasive species of mosquito's may establish it in places like Florida etc.

What is of greatest concern is that in a more isolated environment like Yap (once famous for its money of huge stone disks) that isolation by distance was no protection. The point being that there is no protection for anyone from these unexpected corollary effects of warming.


Don't you read the whole article before you post? Or did you not find the report of 75% of the Pacific island of Yap's 11,000 residents contracting the virus significant? You also might read all the posts of people before you comment on their thread?


On the money (pun intended) AH!

For-profit scare-mongering creates vast wealth for those involved personally in the scams and big-pharma generally. One notable name that comes immediately to mind is the odious ex-Def-Sec and war criminal Donald Rumsfeld who scammed the nation with "Tamiflu" his multi-billion dollar baby.

"Rummy was Chair of the Board of Directors at Gilead Sciences until named to the Bush cabinet and, like [Vice President Dick] Cheney, still has ties that bind to the 'old company.' Now isn't it an 'amazing coincidence' that the drug Tamiflu patented by Gilead Sciences is being pushed by the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases as the NUMBER ONE choice for flu, which, wonder of wonders, is sweeping through in one epidemic after another"


Someone thinks you are serious? Go figure.


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Lol ... I can't imagine how someone could not have seen it either. That dope. Good thing he was in charge of making the egg nog and not given something important to do.

Then again sometimes people lose their sense of perspective about satire or sarcasm when words fit for either fact or fiction. I often find some thing said that I believe must be a joke but then turns out to be a serious republican political position.
Another case in point. That politicians can overtly solicit superpac money from donors as long as it is done in a room with only a few people and they say that they aren't there to receive large sums of money from a few individuals after offering to take requests... Lol.
That simply has to be a joke but it isn't.
Pass the egg nog !