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Unprecedented Surge in US Unemployment Claims Cause State Government Servers to Crash

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/25/unprecedented-surge-us-unemployment-claims-cause-state-government-servers-crash

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And these are the (dis)organizations that are charged with distributing the bulk of the individual bailout funds – together with the stripped-down privatized IRS. Oh those Dims just got lots of concessions for the those of us left to survive on crumbs didn’t they.

Personally, I spent 3 hrs yesterday filing in OH after two crashes and password update hell that included both phone and online waits and mishaps. The whole time I was thinking about folks who don’t have computer access and/or savvy.

Meanwhile, the big public sector unions have lined up behind Senile Sex-Harraser Joe.



Please be advised that actually visiting your Employment Office is walking into an area that only allows 10 people, at a time, into the computer center/office. File online and make it abundantly clear, especially if you are furloughed, that you were told that explicitly ( in writing/email/text ). Then, on subsequent interactions, keep inserting that into your claim.
Be patient and good luck.

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As bad as it is to be unemployed, consider those still having to work, especially with the public and usually for very low pay. I fail to see how it is worth it.

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At another post today on CD, I described how ‘bills’ actually come to be in congress.
There is no more satisfaction than being right.

Senator Graham and fellow moron Scott of South Carolina have demanded a re-write of
the bailout bill. They say a ‘massive drafting error occurred’. Seems they discovered the fact some peasants were going to get unemployment pay if laid off due to the virus.


In GOP states, the unemployment benefits system is already set up to fail, is miserly, and doesn’t maximally assist the unemployed.
It’s designed to discourage applicants so they give up seeking benefits, and also to trap them and catch them in “fraud.”
In so-called democratic socialist countries like Norway, Denmark, etc., you have access to free retraining and skills upgrading for your entire lifetime. If you want to change jobs or your job expires, you’re guaranteed an equal or better job. Workers are happier, the societies are happier.
In the USA, unhappiness is built into the system.
Which is why more Americans per capita are on anti-depressants and other Big Pharma mind control drugs than in any other country.


Can you please donate yours, then. There are numerous good causes, currently.

You’re misunderstanding what I meant. Those unemployed will receive unemployment, I fully support this. (In most, if not all, cases they’ll likely be receiving their full pay (and benefits will remain intact).)

As for those that are needed to work, especially medical (w/dwindling protection) or food service fields, they’re having to work with the public. They will be exposed to the virus over and over. That’s what I meant by “it’s not worth it.” They have no other choice, they are essential workers and are expected to go to work.

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So, there’s that, too. Very, very sad, indeed.

Depends on the state. In OH, it’s all phone and/or online.

two or three generations ago, unemployment payments for our younger people who did not yet have years of working to establish quarters of earnings had an alternate formula for Ohio to use.
For example: I made $21 per week and my unemployment was $43 per week during layoff.

Hoping all states can extrapolate a fair, livable amount for our waitresses, janitors, drivers, etc.

Another hiccup may be having direct deposit account.

If I’m not mistaken, you have to be employed for a year in my state, to collect unemployment benefits. There will be many at the bottom of the ladder who will fall through the cracks.

We no longer have on site unemployment offices open to the public in OR!!

B.S.-I was just at one on Monday and signed up using one of their computers. What we don’t have is open libraries or places where you can use the intertubes for doing things that your taxes have paid for. Its a scam, imo.