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'Unprecedented Threat' for East Africa as Larger Second Wave of Locust Crisis Arrives Amid Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/10/unprecedented-threat-east-africa-larger-second-wave-locust-crisis-arrives-amid


Before I continue into the subject matter, I have to say I’m about to develop a major journalistic crush on Jessica Corbett of CD. Goodness gracious, she’s really done some outstanding work lately! This one raises the bar even higher. Thanks for your service, Jessica Corbett.

Another “scourge of biblical proportions” – there almost seems to be a pattern developing, for those with ears to hear: a rather loud signal rising over the noise. Our (more or less) scientific departments of academia have specialists in little bugs, big bugs, quick trends, slow trends, real physical worlds, imaginary financial worlds… and they all hardly understand each other’s lingo.

So the unmistakable voice shouts from every angle, as loud as possible, at the shimmerring tower of Babel, where we struggle to even figure each other out. For those with ears outside the tower, all the devastation is clearly anthropogenic. There’s no undisturbed “natural” planet remaining to speak of.


Let me second your compliments to Jessica, and to Eoin and Jake too for their consistently excellent work and political perspicacity. One more thing about Jessica and CD in general. They haven’t lost sight of the rest of the world. We’ve had stories on the UN, ILO, Mexico, Palestine, Iran and much else. In a recent interesting interview, Mike Davis says the American left is “less internationalist than it has ever been.” So it’s good CD hasn’t fallen into this form of solipsism.

The interview w Davis:


p.s.: Now that the Sanders campaign is over, send money to CD.


Count me in with the appreciation. Thankyou everyone at CD.


Pence and other theocrats will find this story great fodder for their end times stories.


If one wants to donate money to help reduce/combat the locusts plague, where is the best place to send donations? I did a quick search, but wasn’t able to find a US based UN FAO donation site. (If I understand correctly, donations must go through a US chapter of the UN in order to be tax deductible. I would happily encourage people to donate, if I could figure out how to do so.) Thank you very much!

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I wonder if they could vacuum them up in very large numbers and grind them into fertilizer.

Eat them. Suck them up with vacuum cleaners, then deep fry them and eat them.