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'Unprecedented' Youth Climate Case Against Government Moves Forward



This is what Democracy looks like! Rock on, youth!


This is such great news! A win for these fantastic young people, and for everyone who feels human concern for those who will come after us. Wonderful!

Lawyers for the fossil fuel groups said the lawsuit posed a "direct, substantial threat" to their businesses

About damn time! Way past time for a "direct, substantial threat" to the "eat your young" capitalist cultural model.


"About damn time! " Here, here!

In kudos to the kids and a bow to forms of ancestor worship that connects the dots over time... George Carlin excavates the pit of time obscured by language and invention ... and who is it that has the right to say " its time!"


Young Americans,

Congratulations...carry on! As a Marine Vietnam Veteran for Peace and former Community Organizer trained by Saul Alinsky's team, I salute your courage and audacity.

Keep in mind that legal recourse is only one venue to redress pernicious grievances against the government and corporations raping our planet. Create strategic alliances, Organize and Occupy to unite an international movement to protect Our Mother Earth and The Children everywhere.

Next will be your cases, collaborating with the International Criminal Court at The Hague, against War Mongers. Wage Peace. Treasure Life.

Semper Fidelis,

David DeChant
Jarhead Clan
Combat Intelligence NCO
Assigned to Scouts


This is THE most important thing in our lives, everyone's globally. This may very well save our lives and the the life of the planet or what is left of it. It also opens the door to discussing the the 6th Extinction. There is every reason to think it reasonable that we have 8 to 18 years before we do die-off. Can we change the math? No because we cannot rewrite histories but we can learn to live in Grace and live the Life of Excellence.

These kids, these children and all that are involved are very real Hero's. Instead of the government fighting them, the President ought to be awarding the Medal of Freedom, our countries highest honor. By their collective effort they are in fact setting us Free.


With passing the TPP, TTIP and TISA taking so much more effort and time than expected, how will the President find time to award a medal of honor ?


Reading the filing is well worth the time.

This legal action, as I understand it, was initiated before the revelations of a major US oil company having researched climate change and then hidden findings of that research because it was not in the interest of short term profits.

It come at a time when it is necessary to consider that not only are many of the corporations benefiting from TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES but are not paying any taxes. These are beneficiaries of government policies for tax havens under neo-liberal expansionist ideologies that are inseparable from military adventurism that accounts for over 50% of discretionary spending by the government.

The, at best, short sighted greed fed by government policy of allowing the revolving door between corporations and government office has been consuming the Constitution as a snack, not to mention causing mass extinctions.

The suit filed by these young people epitomizes (r)evolutionary recognition of the exclusionary nature of the premises of the economic model and the "externalized costs" - such a benign term for such a heinous accounting practice by which to control, abuse and destroy. The economic model is by definition parasitic and it's power to kill needs to be neutralized.


"Instead of the government fighting them, the President........."

Obama is a fraud for the oligarchs who run our government and pull the strings of government officials enriching themselves at our expense. Follow his record from the time entering politics until now. If this is what you want to see continue then vote for another Clinton. If you would like to see change and a man with a continuous record of working for a better world then Bernie Sanders is winner, no question about it, of your vote! If you want to see a change of policies then you need to see a top to bottom change in the people implementing those policies. Bernie = Change; Hillary = the same worn out ideas and policies and the same old, worn out faces implementing those policies keeping us where we are. Bernie represents the future. FEEL THE BERN. Support the future and our youth with your financial contribution, your time and your vote.


To those that replied to my post.

I said...instead...

The man has a heart, does he not?
The man has a brain, does he not?

Does he have the honesty and inner strength to do what is right and just?
Your guess is as good as mine.

Do not attack me for an idea that is Pure.


About time!

Eight years ago, when I was serving as press secretary for the Pacific Green Party of Oregon, I wrote an opinion piece titled "Our Last Chance to Get it Right" that was published on our web site.

My thesis then was that our presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, offered through her "Green New Deal," the best hope for arresting the ongoing disaster of global warming (or climate change, as preferred by some.) As I was composing that essay, I was assailed by the thought that it was, perhaps, already too late to stop an onrushing tide of human extinction.

Plaintiff Kelsey Juliana's reference to "a tipping point on the scales of justice" strongly elicits the many "tipping points" to which we refer in climate discussion, and the frustration of dealing with these obscure and interdependent phenomena.

It was once stated that 350 ppm carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a "safe" level; but there has been an increase in atmospheric methane -- a more powerful greenhouse gas -- since then. Climatologists have consistently erred on the conservative side in their predictions; so the recent study on the rate of Antarctic ice melt and resulting sea level rise published in Nature indicates that human efforts to mitigate global warming (even if they are underway) are woefully inadequate.

The decision by U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Coffin, though welcome, will almost certainly not be the final word in this case.

Of all candidates in the presidential race this year, only Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, to my knowledge, offer any possibility of undertaking effective mitigation efforts.

Humanity, though, appears to be hell-bent on pursuit of its destiny.



Hurray for the youth!


You Knew It Was Coming.....Had Too

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Brave Youth will Always Find a Way Past the Cynical Quagmire of the Status Quo

Thank God for the Student Mind.


You are not wrong onedman. We won't be safe until the threat of extinction from nuclear war is neutralized as well, though. Living things are facing two very serious man-made threats to our survival. Ongoing catastrophic climate change is so obviously destructive, it tends to stay in our conscience, but we must never forget that this place could be wiped out rather suddenly by nuclear war (especially depending upon who is elected president.)


Thanks. The thing that gets me is with sea levels rising and those nuke-pukes built near water people don't seem to realize we'll have radioactive human waste floating in the streets. So either we get blown to bits or we suffer floating bits we will be radioactive one way or another.


The judge approving the "justiciability" (wow, is that lawspeak or what?) of this case makes me think of the U.S. War on Vietnam Era growing legal impossibility of convicting draftees of draft evasion even when evidence of draft evasion was plain--because the public juries had turned solidly anti-war. When values are asserted widely and deeply, laws must change or break, not the other way around.


and we have a conglomerate media, pundits and Hillary Clinton that denounces the youth and young people along with Gloria and Madeline. Hum?


"[T]he federal government is violating their right to life, liberty, and property,": We should add the pursuit of happiness and economic security none of which are possible on a dead planet.


Time spent with Carlin is never wasted. Thanks for that link.


Tell me about it. I live in Utah, downwind from the Nuclear Test Site.