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'Unreasonable in the Extreme': Wisconsin Supreme Court Rejects Yet Another Trump Attempt to Undo Biden Victory

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/unreasonable-extreme-wisconsin-supreme-court-rejects-yet-another-trump-attempt-undo

To avoid this crap in the future Wisconsin should adopt universal mail-in voting.
And was the SCOW really voting 4-3.
Half of the court was okay with trump stealing the election. We are in deeper doo-doo than we thought.

On the Wisconsin Supreme Court are 4 Republicans appointees and 3 Democratic.
A 4-3 decision against Trump was because one Republican judge crossed over. The slate of Republican electors was on stand by to reverse the outcome of the popular votes.
By the “skin of my teeth” close.
Many look at these shenanigans as legal manipulative moves. I look at the voter suppression, inciting violence, attempts to overturn the legal election results as an attempted coup and sedition. And in the near term there is probably more chaos brewing.
It will be a big mistake for Biden not to appoint a special prosecutor to go after these traitors, Trump, Miller, Barr on down the line.
If it was a socialist in office doing these things, there would had already been a hanging.