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Unremitting Pain: The Careless, Astonishing Cruelty of Barack Obama’s Government


Unremitting Pain: The Careless, Astonishing Cruelty of Barack Obama’s Government

George Monbiot

Let me introduce you to the world’s most powerful terrorist recruiting sergeant: a US federal agency called the office of the comptroller of the currency. Its decision to cause a humanitarian catastrophe in one of the poorest, most troubled places on Earth could resonate around the world for decades.


Apart from the glaring racist implications, another item that stands out is the cost and efficacy of the vast surveillance net. If indeed, it were worth a damned thing, then surely it could weed out those funds intended (and aimed at) Terrorist organizations in Somalia. To simply stop all funds from entering that wounded land is like kicking the mugged old man to the curb. It’s Ferguson on a global scale.


Sadly, the word ,terrorist, is dredged up to mean anyone or any country that doesn’t bow to American commands. Exactly who designates one a terrorist ? Can the Pentagon be considered a terrorist organization ? Is a president who lies a country into war causing hundreds of thousands of innocent lives to be lost, a terrorist? The MSM bandies the term,terrorist,every day as if it is gospel.


Thanks, Mr. Monbiot. We won’t be reading about this in the mainstream US news media.

I guess Somali migrants better leave the USA. The only thing keeping the USA out of third-world status are its talented migrants from “the darker nations” doing much of its engineering and technical work. So the the best thing for the worlds humanity right now is for it to be abandoned and its stupid white population be left to decline and ruin.


This is just a stunning example of the causal pain our society inflicts without even thinking.


Thank you for reporting on yet one more absolutely depraved action of the US government. Just when you thought you’d seen it all and it couldn’t get any worse…