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Unsanctioned Anti-Corruption Protests Erupt Across Russia


Unsanctioned Anti-Corruption Protests Erupt Across Russia

Common Dreams staff

Hundreds of people, including a key opposition leader, were arrested in Russia on Sunday as thousands participated in unsanctioned protests against corruption and the anti-democratic tendencies of the ruling government.

A reported 500 people were detained in Moscow alone, where opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who has accused both President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev of corruption, was also taken into custody.


These protestors are just evil paid agents of the anti-Putin, anti-Trump Hillary-loving deep state!:imp:


...and George Soros too!


Not to worry, that could NEVER happen here!   At least not until Gorsuch takes his place on SCOTUS . . .


For every protestor that showed up to denounce Putin and his brand of corruption, there may be 1000 or more who were to afraid to.

The Times They Are A-Changin'. (Bob Dylan)


Apart from the guy about 8 police started kicking when he resisted being bundled over a wall towards the end of this video, this report generally shows them behaving relatively gently, which was a contrast to the BBC news report which shows them occasionally randomly punching and whacking innocent protestors, including one woman being carried off by 4 police whilst one them punched her as they walked along.


Every time the Empire sets its sights on another country to target, you can always count on the media to step up with negative stories about that country and its leader. Same playbook every time.


These events will obviously get more coverage than the Anti War Movement got here, in the US, before the Iraq Invasion.


Wow! Hundreds! Literally hundreds of protestors! Stop the presses!

"Anti-corruption!" Just like in Ukraine! (That really worked out well, didn't it?)

This reads like a ready-made for Western media event. Hundreds! Pooty-Poot may have given Soros the boot, but his spirit remains! Long live the freedom to exploit, undermine, hoodwink, pillage, rape, and otherwise make war, as long as it's for Wall Street! Yay, team!


Yeah, right. It's "the media's" fault that Russia made protests illegal after the demonstrations against Putin in 2011. Poor Russian state, being so badly treated by "the media". Can't they just arrest a few hundred non-violent protesters without being harassed by "the media"?

Brilliant analysis. Deep and rich.


You have got to be fucking kidding me!!

"What, only hundreds?" — that is seriously your response?

I'm sure you've spent a significant amount of time in Russia though and really have your finger on the pulse of the political situation, right?

People on this website really need to work on the ability to hold at least two ideas in their heads at the same time. The United States is not the only actor in the world. Other people have other problems. It's not all just a performance for American consumption.


Ah, so skepticism bothers you, does it? Well, sorry. It's only been the way of philosophy for, oh, about three and half thousand years.

And it doesn't help that the media and political class are always lying.

Your foul language, too, doesn't argue well for your case.

This Navalny is a US stooge. That's been known to all the world for years. And 'Russia' did not make protests 'illegal,' you media-swilling fool, though it's true that they would do better to ignore fake protests like this one. The authorities simply require that demonstrations be authorized, just like in your freedom-loving (not) country. And just as in your freedom-loving (not) country, sometimes they don't grant authorization, especially if they don't like the demonstrators. And then they become illegal (just like in the USA). I don't agree with that policy, but I would worry more about changing it in my own country before I worried about the same practice existing in media-designated 'bad' countries like Russia.

You need to stop the killing perpetrated ad infinitum by the US and its "allies" and worry a little less about the New York Times's and CNN's demon du jour.

Regime change begins at home, as Susan Sarandon once famously said.


It's actually entirely possible to both a) care about the authoritarian supression of political dissent in Russia and b) be critical of the United States. Why these two distinct attitudes seem to you to be incompatible is an opaque mystery.

Thinking people are actually able to reject authoritarianism where and when it occurs, and to support those struggling against it, without having to reference the political relationships in effect with the government of the United States. Iran is an enemy of the United States. So is that authoritarian state also beyond reproach according to your myopic brand of leftism? What about North Korea?

Imagine if the United States were to make it illegal to protest without government approval, and arrested people en masse. Imagine if Bernie Sanders were arrested right now for criticizing Trump. Would you then scream about how villainous the Media is for covering it? Trump sure would.

Give me a break. "They didn't ban protests! They just say you need authorization!" Spoken like a true bootlicker. That is authoritarianism. Are you or are you not an authoritarian?

"According to a Russian law introduced in 2014, a fine or detention of up to 15 days may be given for holding a demonstration without the permission of authorities and prison sentences of up to five years maybe given for three breaches. Single-person pickets have resulted in fines and a three-year prison sentence."

But of course, that doesn't mean that they've banned protests, right? No no, because only the Evil Fascist Amerikan Regime would ever do something like that! Our Russian Comrades only ask that you get permission first, right? How civil!

This attitude is a weird inversion of the conservative authoritarian follower trope.


The Russians being arrested are standing for democracy. Is that somehow contrary to progressive stands by Americans in the streets?


Progressives for Trump have now come out of the closet. They are for putin and tyranny as well. Long live the American resistance. Long live the Russian resistance.


Try not to choke on all that red herring. It's not good for you.

Your silly Wikipedia entry only confirms what I said.

And you never told me how all that heroic anti-Russian anti-authoritarianism--or is it anti-Russian authoritarianism? You decide--has worked out in the Ukraine. Maybe you should move there and find out. Rub elbows with your fellow imperialist fascists.

Resistance, my ass. Go team is more like it. You and the likes of Williamson are conformists, dyed-in-the-wool. Your very manner is tyrannical and brooks no dissent. Luckily you are irrelevant.


Clovis, keep up the Skepticism.

"Non Illegitimi Carborundum"

(At least your comments weren't Flagged away by Flag-Zilla, like mine were yesterday, after I had the temerity to criticize Gorsuch.)


So you would support similar laws against protests in the USA? If you don't you are a hypocrite.


Please go back and carefully re-read my posts, and you will see that I say nothing of the sort. What you will see, on the other hand, is that such laws already exist in the US and have for a long time, and thus it is hypocritical to point the finger at Russia for practicing the same. Russia, in any case, is not my problem, and it's not yours either. The US is.


If you were sarcastic it would have been lovely , yet you are not. You are truly a believer of a CIA conspiracy against do all-gooder Putin! Cheers to that confirming thought ! Just try not to like the anti Putin posts on Facebook while in Russia , you might get jailed.