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'Unspeakable' Crime of 'Hate' as Shooter Kills Nine at Church in South Carolina


'Unspeakable' Crime of 'Hate' as Shooter Kills Nine at Church in South Carolina

Jon Queally, staff writer

The mass shooting at historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday night that left nine people dead is being investigated as a hate crime, officials said on Thursday.


Another day in gun crazy America. Getting a gun should be as hard as it is to register to vote. That being said, my heart goes out to victim and family.


No. Voting should be as easy as blinking your eye. Getting a gun should be next to impossible.


It seems obvious to me that these slaughters - almost weekly - in the US are a result mainly of the violence portrayed in the mainstream media. But in discussions I’ve seen in the media regarding these slaughters, this media violence is never mentioned as a cause.

The media seem to be promoting violence. Why else would they be showing so much of it? For ratings? I doubt it - there are more civilized and less brutal ways of boosting ratings.


One thing’s for sure. As a result of this dreadful shooting, gun sales will spike upwards. The question is, if we reach the point where most everyone is armed, will there be more or less mass shootings?


Those persons advocating more guns would suggest the parishioners should have been packing when in the church which of course means the Cops get to shoot them on site for “Black man Carrying”.

To the role of the media in all of this. What motivated the mass killings by guns of Blacks and The First nations peoples in the USA before there a mass media? This is engrained racism. It is the loving embrace of violence and the gun and killing. It was not the media that lead to the slaughter of the prairie Bison of the Wolves and grizzly nor the massacres at Wounded Knee or Sand creek or Rosewood and Tulsa.

I am not discounting the role of the media here. I am suggesting there something fundamentally wrong at a much deeper level.


One of my first thoughts was of Dr. Tiller…


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Ignorance is a fundamental problem. Until its gone, how do we defend ourselves from men with guns?


“I am not discounting the role of the media here. I am suggesting there something fundamentally wrong at a much deeper level.”

The fundamental wrong at a much deeper level might be the intention of the PTB to induce violence and chaos into society, for the purpose of furthering their divide, conquer, monitor and confuse strategy, in order to better subjugate and control the population.


Agreed. Yes.


Other than religious programming, name one type of programming that the media produces that isn’t to attract and audience and sell ad revenue.

And you can set aside the usual stereotype of violence in the media–how many millions of people have made bloodsports like Ultimate Fighting hugely popular? How many millions of people praised “American Sniper?” How many Democrats have joined Republicans in making crap like “24” popular?

And I’m not defending those examples; in fact I see them as proof that in spite of these specious polls claiming to prove how liberal Americans are, the true character of the majority of people doesn’t reflect a distaste for violence, whether it’s by guns or bare knuckles.


These horrific murders were a terrorist act…


I would like to see the governments data mining info on Roof.


That’s strange.

Police don’t like body cams. The big victim here is a State Senator who forced body cams on the Cops. And now those cops can’t seem to find the shooter…

10 to 1, the suspect dies of lead poisoning before he can testify.


This Roof sat there, toyed with the parishioners, and then executed them as if playing out some bizarre role or twisted script. He plotted this, for sure. Didn’t anyone in his family or community see this tragedy, or one like it, coming? It’s impossible to explain the unexplainable but most of the time, like Holmes in Colorado or the Connecticut and Tucson shootings, there were ample signs of mental illness and alienation, before the shooter acted out. Easy gun availability is an issue, but the one which alludes us as a nation, is community based mental and physical health programs wound into our educational, legal and social institutions. We celebrate the rugged individualism of the insane as well as the sane, in many instances. Endless war and the supposed superheroes it creates comes to mind, here. We play fast and loose with our historical misdeeds and use their lessons to always pick a contrived notion of a moral; never really denouncing their exceptional racist and deranged birth; and class underpinnings. See Vietnam and Iraq here, anyone? The early Indian Wars and extermination of entire black towns by vigilantes and the KKK echo in this area where these church shootings took place. And now the echoes continue everywhere we Americans live and most places we contemplate entering. We are a country which needs to come home and rediscover our community and humanity, invest in our most vulnerable people and attempt to pacify these urges to obliterate those things which upset our self-prescribed indispensable role, our script, twisted and unrealistic as it now appears to be. Just because nobody ever really gets out of here alive doesn’t mean we have to hang out waiting to get our ticket punched by a very disturbed, gun toting punk, either.


In the coming days, more facts will emerge and we will get a clearer picture of just who the gunman is, and what motivated his despicable, murderous behavior. Dylann Roof seems to be a self-identified white supremacist. He most likely murdered 9 people. His violence has painfully touched the numerous people who were close to his victims, as both family and friends. A mere 21 years old, Dylann Roof has ruined his own life. He may well end up on Death Row, adding another senseless death to the horrible tally of senseless killing. Dylann Roof’s crimes are his own.

And yet, Roof’s crimes must also be owned, at some level, by the wider American society. Since those early tragic days in colonial America, where so-called “white” servants decided to throw in their lot with the Plantation feudal lords rather than with enslaved Africans, the American experience has been cursed with the evil of racism, in particular, white supremacy. And contrary to the myth, white supremacy is alive and well today. “Blacks” are still a hated, pariah people, and too many people in the USA think that they are a “chosen race,” simply because their skin tone is light. Many so-called “white” people are afraid to take responsibility for being human; they find it easier to pretend to be something or someone they are not. Being human is hard for all of us. No one gets a pass. It’s long been time for many “whites” in these sick old United States to face up to that fact. The fact is there are more than a few Dylann Roofs throughout this land.

My thoughts go out to the victims of this terrible crime.


People usually don’t need some puppet master to divide themselves; there are some 10000 varieties of Christianity, for example, partly because the source material is so vague that it allows for almost any interpretation, but also because each denomination believes it is somehow more right than the others.

Many sports fans are so rabid about something in which they are simply uninvolved spectators that they will assault fans of opposing teams and riot when their team loses. This isn’t required for the powers that be to collect their many millions of dollars in advertising and marketing dollars.

I understand the concept that “united we stand, divided we fall,” and I have no doubt that their are efforts to undermine collective action against the institutions of power, whether overt like the Obama administration’s role in crushing the Occupy movement or covert like the CIA fomenting faux revolutions, but I think the people can also sometimes be their/our worst enemies.


Nice. We don’t have a medical safety net in this country. What we have is an " unsafe sieve " of patchwork programs which perpetuate generational illnesses, both physical and mental. Single payer based, community health programs, adequately funded, would go a long way to cast sunlight on the pathologies involved in this mess. Starting with pre-natal care and moving up through and ending with the retiring community. It is the same framework which should guide our political and economic decisions. Sunlight is the best disinfectant in all these matters. And, its’ healing powers are universally understood as an essential component of a healthy populace. We cannot forget that diseases, of all types, live and thrive in dark places.


I’m not trying to diminish the importance of this story. But I fear that we will now have wall-to-wall news coverage of this obviously horrific event, when there are several other very worthy news stories that will now get no air time on the MSM - for example, the House TPA vote and the release of the Papal Encyclical on Climate Justice.

I don’t mind legitimate coverage of this terrorist attack, but we don’t need to hear all the speculation and interviews with obscure people. Unless one is directly involved in this hate crime situation, in which case I completely understand being totally engaged in it, we can handle learning about more than one story at a time (and following this story after the 24-hour news cycle has moved on).